Friday, 11 June 2010

Live from the Craft Barn

Hello everyone,
I am now on this side of the pond, still jetlagged, but wanted to share some pictures of the Barn taken today.

First of all, Suze Weinberg and her husband arrived in Surrey this morning and popped in the shop. So I took the opportunity to take a picture with Sandy and hubby Ian.

And Suze's products all ready

Then, I thought I would take pictures of the shop to show to those of you who live too far what the Craft Barn looks like.

I started with the Viva Decor and altering corner (my kinda world lol)...

And then I stopped here, because everywhere I looked I found ....


and more boxes to unpack...

so I guess the day is not over yet  :o)

So I popped upstairs and found the lovely Carol preparing the studio for the weekend's workshops

And ohhhhhh, the sweety bags are ready... Demonstrators have a 5 starts service here: bags of sweets on each table, tea and coffee and lunches brought to them throughout the days: perfect!

Here we go for tonight. I do hope you can come along and join the fun this weekend.

Demos run from 10 am until 4pm both days in THREE locations: the Victoria Club, the Community centre and the Day centre in Lingfield.
The shop is open 9:30 until 5:00 on Saturday and 10:00 am until 4:00 pm on Sunday

See you soon with more pictures !


  1. Ooh its so exciting, just wish I lived nearer. My sister lives in Surrey and she will be visiting the Craft Barn....lucky her...sob sob. Wishing you all great success and a happy time. Annette x

  2. It all looks fabulous Isa ... I really really want to see you ... so if it is not toooooo far and I get my Ar** into gear on Sunday morning ... well who knows ... whether I do or I don't I wish you the very best of luck ... I am quite sure you won't need it ... but Good Luck anyways X

  3. I'm hoping to pop up tomorrow. I can feel my credit card groaning already!! ;0)

  4. your shop looks great just not near enough for me but it doesn't stop me shopping on line....have a lovely weekend

  5. Looks fantastic! Was all set to come this year till I realised I was working... have a great weekend.

  6. How beautifully organised it all looks Isa. I do so wish I could be there. Have a good weekend
    x Michelle

  7. Day 1 was fantastic - weather beautiful (always is, isn't it!) shop heaving; demos fantastic. Thanks to all involved.

  8. I was with you yesterday with my crafting buddy Sue and we had a fantastic day, saw Leandra first off which really wetted the appetite, everybody was so nice and us crafters are a polite lot. In the Community hall my camera on mobile decided to stop working which was really annoying as hadnt got to suze yet, managed to video her a bit, she seems such a lovely person.
    Then we decided we needed a break so we went shopping in the barn, haha, so much to buy, (your stock range is magnificient you deserve your awards) but had to narrow it down, staff were brilliant so helpful nothing too much trouble for them and they worked non stop poor things.
    Then a spot of lunch next door and back into the fray, off to the third hall which was also great and saw the brilliant Linda Brown, I do love her and Leandra's work, back to Suze again and then all demoed out, so back to the shop to get a few more must haves before heading off home.
    So thank you to everyone there it was a brilliant day, and I wil be back, as I have a voucher to spend. So much love to all, and any chance of Tim at the next event, (what a dream that would be). Siobhan xx

  9. Thank you to all concerned for a tremendous extravagansa - it really was a brilliant event - all 3 halls worked so well as it meant you could really see the demonstrators - I particularly liked Linda Browns' things but there were many others I enjoyed watching too! Well done to everyone at the Craft Barn - I always feel a bit sorry for you in the shop as you can't get to see the demos and it's madly busy for you all - you must be exhausted!I hope you all have a chance to relax and unwind this evening and Sandy doesn't get you to work replenishing the empty shelves too early tomorrow morning!
    THANK YOU! Sarah

  10. First visit to your shop and open day yesterday, what a wonderful treat! Next time I'm coming for 2 days, what a lot there was to see and take in - oh and shop LOL!

    Can't wait for you to get more Stampinbella stock in, so much better "in the flesh" and I NEED that typewriter stamp as well as lots more

    Thanks so much, had a great time

  11. Thank you for a great day yesterday; I enjoyed the demos and managed to find some interesting products to purchase! Perhaps it's a good job I live as far away as I do!

  12. Thank you Sandy & crew for organising such a fantastic extravaganza (the best yet). I could only visit on Sat but I wished I could have stayed the whole weekend. The demos were inspirational & I left buzzing with ideas. Was there anything left in the shop by Mon morning?


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