Thursday, 21 April 2011

Wishing Well Granted - Part Two

Hi everyone,

Welcome to Part Two of this weeks Wishing Well Granted.
As you know this week we are focussing on Friendly Plastic and today our fairy
is Chris who has a lovely item to share with you!!! 

Chris says........
"I've made a little puffy flower pendant for my interchangeable wire necklace using
friendly plastic and an extrusion technique. This technique (although I haven't made mine in exactly the same way) was developed by Liz Welch who is expert with this material and was very generous with her knowledge to the Craft Barn Tutors and demonstrators at last September's Extravaganza, she used a heart cutter for her demonstration which makes a beautiful embellishment.

Care should be taken when using friendly plastic and using this method
  as the plastic becomes very hot together with the surrounding area.
 Working on a heat resistant surface is advisable.

Start by taking some Cosmic Shimmer fibres and arranging them between two pieces of thin paper making sure to leave areas without fibres so that a mesh is formed. Using an iron without steam, iron over the paper until the fibres have flattened and joined together from the heat. The mesh will be used to extrude the Friendly Plastic.

Take a piece of friendly plastic and place onto some thick double layered kitchen foil. Heat the plastic with a heat gun holding the gun at least six inches from the surface of the plastic and wafting in circles to ensure the plastic melts evenly. You can tell when it's hot enough as the surface changes appearance slightly or you can bend the foil, the plastic will bend with the foil if it's ready.

Place a piece of the cosmic shimmer mesh on top of the plastic and give it another waft with the heat gun.

Take the cutter you've chosen and press firmly into the plastic so that the cutter goes all the way through the plastic. Pick up the piece keeping it on the foil and only if the foil has cooled enough to touch. Holding the piece with thumbs on the top, push upwards from underneath with your fingers so that the soft plastic starts to extrude through cosmic shimmer mesh. Push just enough so that you can see the bubbles of plastic coming through but not so much that the shape becomes too distorted, aim for a gentle dome. Allow the plastic to cool.

Take the cutter out of the plastic and push the shape out, if the cutter was pressed in at the beginning enough then the shape should pop out easily but if it doesn't then it can be trimmed.

       I filled the back of my flower with glossy accents and added a necklace bail so that I could use it on my inter-changeable necklace wire".

How lovely is that????

Thanks Chris!!

Don't forget to come and see Liz Welch doing her magic with friendly plastic at
the Extravaganza on Saturday 4th and Sunday 5th June.

Also, just to remind you that the shop will be open on Good Friday and Easter Saturday
but will be closed on Easter Sunday and Monday!

See you tomorrow with Part Three of Wishing Well Granted.
Our fairy Michelle will be joining us with yet another beautiful project!!

See you then,



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