Sunday 27 September 2015

Weekly Challenge

Happy Sunday!

Hope you are all having a good weekend.
Wonder what you are all up to?

So here we are again with a new Challenge.
What is it going to be?

I think you can probably guess!

Last week we featured Fish Fingers, so
how about that......did I hear someone say
No Way!!

Haha no I am not that unkind!
I think we have to stay with the sea.  So
 anything to do with the ocean, 
boats, fishes, fishing gear, lighthouse etc
  but NOT the beach.  Oooh 
I am getting tough with you now!  So no 
sandy beaches, beach huts, buckets and
spades etc!!

Right, you have one week, as many entries as
you like, via the link where possible.
The link will close at midnight Sunday 4th
October.  Good grief October already!
If you can't use the link, email me your 
pictures to
The winner will be announced on Tuesday
6th October and will receive a £10 Voucher.

So that means if next week is October,
you only have a few more days to get your
September calendar page finished 
and entered.

See you soon,

Jane x


  1. Why don't fish have fingers?

    Cos captain birdseye took them all


    Sorry, couldn't resist. Off to sea it is. Hugz

    1. Haha!! Haven't actually heard that one before!!
      Just for that your topic is not the sea but fish fingers!! Ha....lets what you can come up with!!
      Jane x

  2. I enjoyed joining in this one from Rhodes Jane. ..I'm even watching the sea as I upload my entry! X


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