Tuesday, 24 May 2016

Two Weekly Challenge Winner

Morning all,

Welcome to winners Tuesday!

Can't believe how quickly these weeks
are flying by and how often i am saying
this......but where does the time go??

So here we are again, it's Tuesday
and time to announce our latest winner!

Your task for this challenge was Sunshine,
16 fabulous entries, thank you.

Mr Random Generator has been put
to use again and this time he has picked...

....no 4....

Marianne's Craftroom

Congratulations Marianne, please contact me at
so that I can send you your prize!

Thank you all for entering and taking the
trouble to play along with our
challenges!  we couldn't do it without you.

See you soon,

Jane x

Sunday, 22 May 2016

Two Weekly Challenge

Good morning everyone,

How are we all this morning?
Good I hope.

The Two Weekly Challenge is here with
us again already.
I really am running out of ideas!
I know how you like these challenges so
I've put my thinking cap on and......
........nothing!! Ha ha....

So what shall we have this time,
hmmmm the DT have been looking
at papers.....still nothing......

Um....so how about......your project
which can be anything, must contain 
two different papers somewhere in it.
The papers can be made by yourself
or ready made papers.  But there
must be two different papers used 

Yes, that shouldn't be too hard
for you brilliant Challengers!

The rules.... well you have two weeks,
entry via the link which will close at
midnight on Sunday 5th June.
As many entries as you like but they must include
 those two papers.
If you can't use the link send your pics to
and I will add them for you.
The winner will be picked by Random
Generator and announced on Tuesday
7th June.  A prize of a £10 voucher 
will be up for grabs!

So off you go and weave your magic....

See you soon, 

Jane x

Saturday, 21 May 2016

Papers - Dawn Heald


Happy weekend everyone,
wonder what you are all up to this

Well, i have such a treat for you today,
I absolutely love this and I think you
will too.....

Dawn is here with us today to show
you what she has created
using papers! 

Dawn says...

For our topic this week of Pattern Papers
 I've made some European style beads. 
I've wanted to make paper beads for ages 
and this was the perfect reason to make some. 
I watched some videos online on this and
 they used purpose made bead ends, I've
 swapped them for eyelets, and look just as
 good. They are easy to make, just timely. 
That said I'm super pleased with the finished
 results. So do have a go. You can make them
 without the bead ends and make normal
 paper beads with smaller middle holes.
 Just enjoy making. I did.

These instructions make 12 half inch
 width beads and 3 3/4 inch beads using
 6 x 6 inch papers. If using 12*12 inch
 papers you'll just need one strip per
 bead rather than two. 

I've tried explaining the process in this tutorial
 but it's one of those that can be difficult
 to put into words so I hope the pictures help.
I did each step in batches. All the cutting
then rolling all the beads, then glueing in
 all the eyelets, then coating all the beads.
So how to make these -

You need something to wind your paper strips
 around. A knitting needle the right size works
 well. Or if like me you don't have one, then
 you can make your own. I used a wooden
 skewer and masking tape. Wrap the masking
 tape around the skewer until you have the
 correct width. A bit of trial and error along
 the way by adding or taking away some
 layers of masking tape.

Gather your supplies.

Cut your pattern papers into strips. For three
 different papers, cut six strips, each half inch
 wide. For one paper, cut five 3/4 inch wide strips.
Then cut three half inch strips and two 
three quarter inch strips along the length 
into half on the diagonal as shown.

Then cut three half inch strips and two 
three quarter inch strips along the length
 into half on the diagonal as shown.

As you will see the cut strips are straight on 
one side and slanted on the other. To 
correct this so you get a triangle to roll up, is 
simple using your cutting mat. By lining the 
cut strip as a triangle with the point in
 the middle.
 The other end will be slanted. Trim the
 bottom straight.

Next it's time to roll up the papers to make the
 beads. Start with a half inch strip wind it around
 the skewer. When strip used up I pull it off the
 skewer and check the eyelet fits into it. Glue
 the end down. Then take the half cut strip
 glue it down next to the rolled end of first 
strip and continue to roll up, keeping the strip
 central as you go. Glue down towards the end.

Next glue an eyelet into each end of paper
 bead. Taking care not to fill the hole in.
To give the bead a glass like appearance. 
Coat the bead with Versamark Ink, then clear
 ultra thick embossing enamel and heat.

Repeat three times. I found it worked best
 keeping the bead on the skewer throughout.
 Rolling whilst heating helped keep the
 melting powder even.

You can add another layer but it will pool
 and drip off if not kept moving.

I sprinkled glitter in-between each layer on
 the green beads. The powder melts and 
includes the glitter. You could try adding
 mica powder or gilding flakes too.

Now you'll have a lovely collection of beads
 to use as you wish. I used them to make
 a bracelet along with some glass beads.

Oh. My. Goodness
How amazing are these beads!!!!
I've got to have a go at this.

If you want to try these beads, 
From own stash - wooden skewer, Memory Wire,
 glass beads and charms

Hope you've enjoyed this post, don't 
forget to let us know what you think.

See you tomorrow,

Jane x