Thursday, 3 September 2015

Calendar Challenge Winner - August

Morning all,

Gosh, I seem to be writing so many posts this week!
You'll be sick of me soon!

So, today we are here to announce the winner 
of the August Calendar Challenge.
We really had some beautiful entries, 
thank you to all of you who took part, 
I do love looking at your entries.

So Mr Random Generator has been
working overtime this week....
we had 19 entries for him to pick from

and he picked ...... 1.......


Congratulations Elaine, please email me at
so that I can send you your prize voucher.

Hope you are all going to enjoy our words
for September, keep those entries 

See you soon,

Jane x

Tuesday, 1 September 2015

Weekly Challenge Winner


It's me again!

This time I'm here to announce our
latest Weekly Challenge Winner.

Last week your Challenge was 

Your 14 entries were all so different, it's so 
interesting to see how you take the word and 
use your creative skills to make your projects.
None are ever alike! 
Is that even good English??? 
Haha I'm sure you know what I mean.

Well let's stop waffling and get on with
the important business of announcing our
new winner.

Mr Random Generator has been doubly
bust this week and he has picked .....  14.....

Liz Cavill

 Congratulations Liz, please contact me at

Ok, that's all for today, I'll 
be back Thursday with the winner of
the Calendar Challenge for August!

See you then,

Jane x


Calendar Challenge - September

Good morning to you all,

Can you believe it is September here already,
that means the little 'ankle biters' will be going 
back to school very soon.  Do I hear a 'yes' from
everywhere??  I am so glad I do not have to do
the dreaded new uniform shop any more.
No you can't have those shoes, the heel is too
high, not enough support, you'll get blisters 
blah blah blah.  The scary thing is I remember my
mum saying exactly the same thing to me!  I can't 
believe the shoes my eldest daughter wears to work....
don't know how she can even walk in them!!  Haha!

Ok, it is time to announce the next two words 
for September.....


Well no surprise there then!

This is what Neil has made .....

And this is how his calendar is looking
so far -

How nice is that??

And we have this from Dawn...

Lovely, Dawn!

I'm sure you know what you have to do, as
many entries as you like, via the link if
possible but if not then to me at
You have until midnight 30th September
and the winner will be announced on
Friday 2nd October.  the winner will be picked 
by Random Generator and will receive a £10
Gift Voucher.
Also, please make sure your creation
is to be part of a calendar page, you do not have
to have entered every month but only those who 
have will be entered into the the final Challenge.

So off you go and get busy! 

See you soon,

Jane x