Sunday, 19 April 2015

Weekly Challenge


Happy Sunday everyone, hope you are all having a great weekend
and enjoying the sunshine.
It's a bit cooler here in Surrey but if you can get out of the wind, 
the sun is lovely and warm!! 

I popped into the shop the other day and there some lovely
new bits in.
I particularly like the new Cardio stamps, Sandy and I 
saw at Birmingham earlier this year. This is just a few
pics of the range.....they are lovely little stamps
perfect for building up a picture!

I've already bought some and will definitely be using them in 
some up coming projects. 

There are also some fun new Papier Mache shapes, 
check them out here 

How about a cheeky monkey...

or a pair of birds to decorate?

Ok, lets get on to the Weekly Challenge!

So what shall it be today......I think I am getting too predictable,
I bet you are all expecting me to say it will be something to do 
with fishing......well it's not!!

Ha ha!!

I think we shall keep it to masculine, do I hear a groan?? 
Everyone hates masculine cards don't they!
Why is that?

So, I think it is going to be masculine pastimes, a hobby, sport, 
gardening, vehicles, whatever you like but must
be masculine and suitable for a man/boy.  Of course, don't 
forget the little men in your life.

As usual, you have a week to get your entries in, the link will 
close at midnight on Sunday 26th April.
As many entries as you like and the winner will receive a £10
voucher.  A Random Generator will be used to pick
the winning entry.

Enjoy the rest of the weekend, Monday comes around so

See you on Tuesday with the winner of our last 
Weekly challenge.

Jane x

Saturday, 18 April 2015

Gone Fishing - Jane Collman

Morning all,

This is our last day Fishing here on the Blog.
Today is my turn to show you a concertina card I made for a
 class a while ago and the sample in the shop always
 gets a lot of interest.
I made a similar one, here on the blog several years ago when
 I was a member of the DT.

So here we go.......

To make this Concertina Card, first cut two pieces of white
 card 6 1/4" x 4 1/4" and on one mark a border 7/8" along 
the short edges and 3/4" along the long edges.  Cut out middle.

Stamp over the cut out piece, using the net stamp from the set
 and Memento ink.  Randomly colour with Copics. 
 This is the front of your card.

The other piece is your background, so again colour sky with Copics 
and stamp seagulls using Memento ink.  
You do not need to colour to the bottom of the card as it will
not be seen.

Cut two pieces of white card 4 1/4" x 4" and score every 1/2"
in the portrait position (shorter edge at top, long edge at side).
Stick each one with wet glue to the backside of your
 background card to first fold line.

You will need three more pieces of card measuring 6 1/4" wide
 to make the different stages of the card.  They do not need 
to be as deep as your card, but will need arranging at different 
levels to suit.

On first piece, stamp bushes along top edge.  Colour
with Copics and cut out around bushes.
Arrange to suit, trim any extra off bottom and stick again with 
wet glue to next fold. 

The next stage is a fisherman on the horizon, again stamp close to
 top edge of card, trim off around image, as you can 
see I did not cut out the little bit under the fishing line! 
 I coloured it the same as the water behind and as it is so
 small it does not show when looking at the card.
Colour the water but remember you do not need to go right 
down to the bottom as it will not be seen.

Add this layer arranging it to suit and trim off any excess
at the bottom.  Stick to next fold when happy.

The last stage is the fisherman himself, stamp onto the last piece
of card, colour and then trim around the image.  Also colour
and cut out the fishing rod and the fish.  I only used half the fish.

Stick fish to waterline and fishing rod to fisherman's
hand.  (Just realised that I didn't colour a shadow around the fish 
where it is coming out of the water....sorry!)  Using sewing
 thread or similar, start at fishing rod, glueing
on rear, then to top of rod, over to hand and then down to fish.
Add this last stage, sticking to last fold.

Glue front to finish!

All done.

These are good fun to do and fold quite flat to post.
Hope you all have a go.

Materials used -

White Stamping Card
Hobby Art Stamp Set - Gone Fishing
Hobby Art Stamp Set - Harbour Scene It (Seagulls)
BG10, 11, 72, 90, 93, 96
E00, 11, 13, 15, 70, 71
B00, 12, 91, 93, 95
Cosmic Shimmer Dries Clear Glue
Memento Ink - Tuxedo Black

Well, that's it for another week, hope you've enjoyed our 
fishing week!

I'll be back tomorrow with our new challenge.
Wonder what it shall be this time, any guesses.....

Jane x

Friday, 17 April 2015

Gone Fishing - Neil Walker

Hi everyone,
It's nearly the weekend and we are already halfway through April.
Today we have another Gone Fishing project, this
time from Neil.

Neil says -
Fishing is a pretty popular pastime for many men in this country, 
so I thought I'd use my Shoal book cover kit to make something
 that could be useful when out fishing. (And something that I enjoyed
 making as a crafter too!)

I bet you think it's a book don't you? Well you would be.........

I thought I'd make a box, ideal for your fisherman to keep some of
 his tackle in.

Begin by cutting one of the covers into strips using the enclosed
 spine as a guide. This will give you 8 pieces in total.

Add some double sided tape to the laser cut element.

Trimming the edges of the strips as needed add them to the element
 to create the lid of your box. Reinforce with paper tape or similar.
Repeat this process with the base and the remaining strips to 
create your base box. Remember to keep the inner box smaller 
than the the outer lid. You want to be able to close it.....

Paint the box white and then add some colour with the green.

Cut some paper to size to line the base of your box and your lid. 
Seal your box with a matte medium to protect it and your box 
is complete and ready to be filled with fishy treats......."

What a lovely project for the fisherman in your life
and don't forget Fathers Day is not far away, this would
make a lovely gift!

So, this is what Neil used - 

Thank you Neil, a brilliant project from you as always!

Ok, I shall be back tomorrow with another fishy
project, this time from none other than....Moi!!
We are scraping the barrel with me....haha!!

See you then,

Jane x