Saturday, 24 March 2018



Hallo There!

I don't know why I called this
thread Springtime -must be
wishful thinking!  

You never know, by the time 
this project is published it
may well be spring........
meantime it is bitter cold
and I was not made for
bitter cold.................don't
suppose you were either

To take us into a springlike
state, here's Helen Chilton
with a gorgeous tag

"For this tag I'm using Distress Crayons, which
I really love. They have one distinct advantage
 over Gelatos - if you heat them with a heatgun, 
they will dry, not remain tacky. 

This means you can stamp over them easily
 and add more colour over the top 
without it being contaminated by
 the colour beneath.

I've painted the tag with a thin layer
 of clear medium - any varnish or sealer will do.
 It helps the crayons blend.

Scribble on your colours.

Blend with your fingers.

Stencil over with a baby wipe.

take out a bit of extra colour where you're
 going to stamp.

Stamp the art stamps, heat set and add 
extra crayon over the top. 
Layer onto cardboard and add fibres and beads.

 Very quick and easy to make."

That was a treat of a project
Helen.  Many thanks for the
tips on using the DI Crayons too

If you are interested in adding
Distress Crayons to your stash
they are currently on offer at
a reduced price at 
head on over and grab
a bargain

'Till tomorrow

Mickie xx

Friday, 23 March 2018

Easter Egg

Easter Egg

Hello Everyone!

How are you all?  Hope you
are enjoying fine springlike
weather - it is snowing here
as I write!  Don't know about
Easter; it's beginning to 
look a lot like Christmas......

Claire Jackson is here with
a beautiful reminder of the

"Today I’m sharing an idea for an 
Easter or spring time gift. 

I started with a plain cotton bag and
 masked off a central square with tape 
and a homemade mask of a 
hare in the middle.

 I then painted the sky and grass
 with fabric paint.

When the paint was completely dry 
I stamped a variety of PaperArtsy flowers
 in Archival Ink and coloured them with 
more fabric paint. 

I added a little shading to the hare 
and stamped a border.

If you’re like me you have umpteen reusable
 bags in different places so that you 
never get caught out when you’re shopping."

This is just beautiful Claire
thank you very much for sharing

If you'd like to decorate a bag
then do take a look here
They're currently on offer.....

I have a lot of bags too, unfortunately
they don't seem to make it out to
the car very often................!!

'Till tomorrow

Mickie xx

Thursday, 22 March 2018

Boxing Clever

Boxing Clever

Hi There!

Beautiful sunshine here today!
Hope you have sunshine too
wherever you are

Helen Chilton dropped by with
a clever idea that would work
with any small box - might
be one to try in the Easter Holidays
if the weather turns inclement ...

"Here's my box. I actually used a domino box
 and took the lid off so I could make
 a diorama:

Painted the box in PaperArtsy Fresco,
 Pixie Dust and Starlights Rich Gold on the edge.

Covered the box inside and out 
with some rice paper 

Used this Crafty Individuals stamp on some card

watercoloured the image and then cut out the bits I wanted.
Gathered together some twiddly bits and added them all on"

This is delightful Helen, thank you very much

I have a small stash of rice paper.
Of course, I have watercolour and
I'm sure I can find a suitable box....

Guess what I shall be doing
 this afternoon..............?!!

'Till tomorrow

Mickie xx