Sunday, 18 March 2018

Boxing Clever

Boxing Clever

Hallo There!

How are you?  Feeling chirpy?
Hope so, I have a really nice
project to show you today by
Hazel Harler.

She has brought Spring
with her. take a look at this:

"Hi everyone, I have a decorated papier
 mache box to share with you today.

I started by giving the box a coat
 of white gesso, then I stencilled some 
script using a Carabelle Studio stencil 
and some modelling paste.

 I crumpled some tissue paper and 
adhered it to the spine then I painted 
it with some plum Fresco paint. 

I painted the rest of the box with taupe, 
plum and captain peacock Fresco paints, 
I also added some plum splatters.

Using my finger I lightly added some
 Imagination Crafts white gold 
Starlight paint.

 I adhered some patterned tissue paper that
 I found in my stash to the sides of the 
box and stamped some Paperartsy leaves
 with apple green Starlight paint.

I decorated the box with a wooden 
leaf spray, Forever In Time burlap daisies 
and some pearls, I also tore some
 birds out of the tissue paper and 
adhered it to the box."

I will have to make this one Hazel
It is a good design and I love the
techniques and colours you have
used.  Thank you very much

I'm sure you will agree that this
is an awesome project

"Till tomorrow

Mickie xx

Saturday, 17 March 2018

Boxing Clever

Boxing Clever

Hi There!

Are you beginning to think of
getting away for a long weekend
or maybe even holidaying in the
UK this year?  

Louise Thomson has been
thinking the same and has sent
us a project reminiscent of 
summer holidays .............

"I painted a wooden box, first with 
a couple of coats of gesso, then with
 some fresco finish paints. 

The edges are stamped with a
 Carabelle stamp. 

I painted in all the details, rather
 liking the idea that it could be 
a little Cornish fishing village with
 multi coloured cottages. 

Some subtle detail was added to
 the top by sponging paint on to an 
Impression Obsession cover a card stamp
 and printing it over the lid (I'm afraid it 
doesn't show well in the photo).

 A little distress oxide ink was blended 
around the edges and I finished of
 with a couple of io die cut gulls."

Thank you Louise, a timely 
reminder of summer holidays
and trips to Cornwall.

Impression Stamps Cover-a-Card stamps
can be found here
and IO dies here
Carabelle Expressions stamps are here 

I can almost taste that Cornish clotted
cream .......... dreaming on.....

'Till tomorrow

Mickie xx

Friday, 16 March 2018

Happy Day

Happy Day

Hallo There!

How're you today?  Hope
you're only being affected
by this Mad Marchness in
a good way .........  I've
always wondered why the
eggs are brought by hares
or rabbits (depending where
you are in the world).....

Angela Radford has popped
by today with a really cute
project that has nothing to
do with madness, March or
Hares ..... just Spring...

 Hi all, Angela here to show you how I 
used this door hanger to create a 
really nice gift.

 Cut out the tiny butterflies and
 attach to the hanger.

Next I applied some crinkled tissue paper 
and then covered the whole thing 
with a good coat of Gesso and don't 
forget the sides and back.

Now you can start to add the colour, 
(Fresco Finish acrylics by Paper Artsy)
 I like to layer this adding the lightest colours
 first, dry it and then add more colour. 

When that's complete, rub over everything
 gently with Treasure Gold gilding wax. 

At this stage I also made some larger butterflies
 using a Woodware mould and coloured those too.

To complete the hanger I used a text stamp
 randomly, attached a sentiment, positioned the
 butterflies and added some gems. 

It's a good idea to seal the paint when
 finished with Glaze or varnish.

Happy crafting, Angela xXx

Oh Angela, that is seriously good
Thank you very much.  

I particularly like the colours - not really
in my comfort range so I think I will
have a go at this technique myself but
on a book cover .................

'Till tomorrow 

Mickie xx

Sunday, 11 March 2018

Mothering Sunday

Mothering Sunday

Happy Mother's Day!

I was thinking about Mothering 
Sunday - its origins and customs,
when it dawned on me that I
haven't seen a Simnel Cake for a
long while.  Do any of you bake
them for Mothering Sunday? 
Can they even still be bought?

 Craftyfield has popped in with
 a lovely bright card to share
with you:

"Gelatos are great for adding colour quickly
 to a project. Here I used them dry as this
 is my favourite technique with them.

I simply scribbled the colours over
 the stencil, held in place with masking 
tape and rubbed a dry baby wipe over. 

A brush will work equally well for this.

If you want clean colours, use a clean 
piece of wipe everytime you change
 colours, especially when working with 
complementary colours which together 
make greys... (Blue/Orange; Yellow/Violet, 

For a quicker background, you can
 create a stripe with masking tape,
 instead of doing the whole card 
front as I did. 

Or stencil just 2 corners, or inside a 
heart stencil... the possibilities are endless.

If you are doing the whole card front 
with a small stencil like I did, be 
mindful of the pattern repeat. 

The one I used for instance had a 
vertical repeat, but I couldn't find 
a way to join the design horizontally! 

No matter... the joint will be mostly
 hidden by the focal image.

Over to you, have a play 
with these sticks, they are great fun!"

You'll find Gelatos here:

Or you could use Distress Crayons
They are fun to use too and
come in the Distress colours so
can be matched to your project.
They can be found here:

Thank you Craftyfield - love that

I know that in other countries, 
Mother's Day falls at different times
of the year.  Also, there are other
customs - do please share what
you do in your country

'Till tomorrow

Mickie xx

Saturday, 10 March 2018

Mothering Sunday

Mothering Sunday

Hallo Everyone!

In the UK it is Mother's Day
tomorrow and if you haven't
made your card yet, here is
some inspiration from
Louise Thomson

"I have made this card with 
mothers day in mind, 
although it could be suitable 
for any number of occasions.
I cut a little square of scrap
 fabric using a die. 

I sponged do crafts so soft fabric paint 
on to my chosen stamps (by paper artsy)
 and printed on to the fabric.

Once I had printed several flowers, 
I filled in a little more using a paintbrush.

 When the paint was dry I added 
stickles glitter. 

I stamped in to my card blank using 
the same paperartsy stamps in 
distress oxide ink before matting
 and mounting the fabric."

A delightful card Lousie, thank
you for sharing it with us.

Unusual too, with the stamped
fabric.  Gives a nice texture

I will have to consider adding
this technique to my little book
of ideas

D'you have one of those?  I find
it really helpful in those, what shall I do moments!

'Till tomorrow

Mickie xx

Friday, 9 March 2018

Boxing Clever

Boxing Clever

Hallo Everyone!

Strictly speaking, todays box
isn't a box ...............I know.......
think I've been bitten by the
Mad March Hare ......!!

Get ready for a truly gorgeous 
project from Craftyfield

"I know decorating glass can be daunting 
but these plates offer creative
 possibilities that had me very excited!

Having 2 sides to play with means that 
you can use Archival inks to stamp and
 alcohol inks to colour, for example, 
but also create foreground and background
 independently without having to worry
 about painting around your motifs.

The kit unpacked. 

The back panel can be painted with acrylic
 or, once gessoed, could be stamped 
and coloured to create a suitable background 
to the scene.

For this project I took a shortcut
 and used patterned paper.

 I stamped my fishes (Paper Artsy Hot Picks)
 with Archival ink and embossed with clear
 Embossing powder first, then I overstamped 
and embossed with both clear and Silver 
powders to create the look of scales.

The algae have been stamped with Versamark
 and embossed with a green embossing 
powder to which I added a sprinkling of 
darker powder for variation.

I painted the back of my fish with DecoArt Extreme
 sheen to add both opacity and shine.

 I used the depth of the 3D plate to place some
 shells on a "sandy" surface but one could 
add one or more layers of acetate hinged over the 
back panel to add more motifs and create even
 more depth in the scene.

If I were you I'd grab these gems whilst 
you can, at this price they won't hang 
around for long!"

Love this project Craftyfield,
thank you very much

A fuss free fish tank with your
own choice of fish - this is

'Till tomorrow

Mickie xx

Sunday, 4 March 2018

Boxing Clever

Boxing Clever

Hi Everyone!

Haha!  No we are not taking up
bloodsports............... we are 
revisiting an old topic with a
twist or two

Next Sunday is Mothering Sunday
and in case you are wondering
what to do aside from chocs and
flowers here is Claire Jackson to
the rescue with a beautiful little
present .......

"I started by painting a small wooden
 trinket box with shades of green 
and blue chalk paint on the outside 
and pearlescent paint on the inside. 

I then stamped the flowers and leaves 
around the sides and a border flourish
 around the top.
The leaves were coloured with alcohol markers
 and white gel pen, before I added Glossy Accents
 to the leaves and stems and
 Enamel Accents on the flowers.

The border on the top was decorated 
in the same way. 

The centre piece was made from chipboard pieces
 painted and glazed. 

To finish off I put patterned paper
 on the bottom.

The little trinket box even has a small magnet
 to snap the lid shut. 

It would make a lovely gift on its own, 
filled with chocolate or with some jewellery in it."

Thank you Claire, that really is a
lovely box and fun to make I shouldn't

Have you noticed the links?  I have
linked some of the items in the text
to help you find them easier on the

'Till tomorrow

Mickie xx

Saturday, 3 March 2018

Boxing Clever

Boxing Clever

Hallo Everyone!

Looks like March is going
to race away like an express
train too ......... all I can say
is we should all make the
most of it! .........

We have a lovely piece of
home decor today and this
is from Angela Radford

"Hi all. I'm here today to show you how
 I've used one of these sweet little
Paper Mache Houses.

 I started by applying gel Medium through a
 Tim Holtz stencil and left it to dry.

Next I added the colour and some 
Fresco Crackle Glaze. 

Finished this with Treasure Gold Wax 
to bring out the detail.

The roof was made using corrugated card. 

The wooden pieces were Kaisercraft Flourish. 
The door knob and the bottle were Tim Holtz. 
The Butterflies, IO dies 'Butterfly Set' and
 I completed it with Stickles Glitter Glue 
and metal embellishments.

 Hope you like it. 
Happy crafting, Angela xXx"

This is really cute Angela -
thank you very much for sharing

You know, this has given me an
idea for a beach hut ...........

"Till tomorrow

Mickie xx

Friday, 2 March 2018

Boxing Clever

Boxing Clever

Hi There!

Upcycling is the topic of the
day today.  Jane Castle has
turned a very plain box into
beautiful storage ........... or
maybe a useful gift for a craft

"Hi Folks, today I'm going to show you 
an inexpensive way to tidy-up those loose 
bits of ribbon and lace that end up getting 
scrumpled and creased in the drawer 
or needlework box.

I began with a 17cm x 11cm x 8cm 
cardboard box that many businesses 
use for mail order. 

This was given a base coat of white gesso 
on the outsde and the inside of the lid.

 I then cut some ATC cards from some
 thickish card scraps.

The box was then decorated by adding some 
Grunge Paste through a Tim Holtz and
 PaperArtsy stencils. 

Once dry Fresco Chalk paint was added
 with a piece of Cut and Dry foam 
gradually building up the colour.

Just 3 colours were used in the end and
 then the whole of the outside was brushed
 with Satin Glaze. 

I then wanted to enhance the relief work 
without completely covering up the existing 
colours so I replaced the clean stencils
 and added some DI in Pumice Stone. 

Loved the colour but it needed to 
be a little more defined .......

So after some head scratching and a
 coffee I sponged on some DecoArt 
Metallic Paint in Zinc, perfect!

Some die-cut letters, ribbon and a wooden bead
 to pull open the flap and a 
little bird from Jofy 15 stamp set.

The inside was lined with some brightly
 coloured felt and the ribbons and lace 
wound onto the cards.

Then I had one of those 'Light-bulb' moments -----

If you had somewhere that you could attach
 a cup hook the cards could be stored 
on a book-ring......

Happy Crafting to you all. X"

That was a light bulb moment
Jane, thank you for sharing along
with your beautiful box

Now just in case you don't do much
in the way of online shopping, or
maybe everything you buy comes
in a padded envelope..... have a
look here for a suitable box to 
decorate in a similar way

"Till tomorrow

Mickie xx