Friday, 16 March 2018

Happy Day

Happy Day

Hallo There!

How're you today?  Hope
you're only being affected
by this Mad Marchness in
a good way .........  I've
always wondered why the
eggs are brought by hares
or rabbits (depending where
you are in the world).....

Angela Radford has popped
by today with a really cute
project that has nothing to
do with madness, March or
Hares ..... just Spring...

 Hi all, Angela here to show you how I 
used this door hanger to create a 
really nice gift.

 Cut out the tiny butterflies and
 attach to the hanger.

Next I applied some crinkled tissue paper 
and then covered the whole thing 
with a good coat of Gesso and don't 
forget the sides and back.

Now you can start to add the colour, 
(Fresco Finish acrylics by Paper Artsy)
 I like to layer this adding the lightest colours
 first, dry it and then add more colour. 

When that's complete, rub over everything
 gently with Treasure Gold gilding wax. 

At this stage I also made some larger butterflies
 using a Woodware mould and coloured those too.

To complete the hanger I used a text stamp
 randomly, attached a sentiment, positioned the
 butterflies and added some gems. 

It's a good idea to seal the paint when
 finished with Glaze or varnish.

Happy crafting, Angela xXx

Oh Angela, that is seriously good
Thank you very much.  

I particularly like the colours - not really
in my comfort range so I think I will
have a go at this technique myself but
on a book cover .................

'Till tomorrow 

Mickie xx


  1. So effective Angela and I adore those delicate touches of gold. Now I know what you were doing with those Butterflies. A beautiful display piece, Thank you for sharing.
    Creative wishes Tracey x

  2. Thanks for stopping by Tracey, pleased you like it. Sending hugs, Angela xXx


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