Sunday 14 February 2016

Weekly Challenge


Happy Sunday everyone!
Hope you are all enjoying your weekend.

How many of you got Valentine
Cards this morning?  I didn't, 
I've been married far to long ha ha!
I don't do all that mushy stuff anymore.
In fact, I don't remember if I ever did?

Ok, it's time to start our new Weekly 
Challenge but actually, I've decided to change
it to a 'Two Weekly Challenge'! This was mainly 
due to a suggestion from our lovely
 Gail aka ionabunny, so you can blame her
 if you are not happy...ha ha!! I actually think
it is a good idea as at the moment you only 
have one week for the Challenge and
I end up having to post the two winners 
in the same week.  The Alpha/Dictionary
Challenge runs for two weeks so it will just
make everything a bit easier plus it will give
you a bit more time to enter.

So, this week it has to be Hearts doesn't
it!  But I'm going to say your heart
whatever or wherever it is cannot be red!
Your project can be heart shaped, can be stamped, 
die-cut whatever you fancy but the heart must
not be red.
That gives you a lot to work with I hope.

You now have two weeks to complete
this mission should you wish to accept it!
Entry via the link where possible, as many 
entries as you like, the link will close at 
midnight on Sunday February 28th.
If you cannot use the link, please
send me your pics to
and I will add them for you!
The winner will receive a £10 voucher
and will be announced on Tuesday
1st March.

That's it for today folks,
enjoy the rest of your weekend.

Jane x


  1. Hi Jane. Happy Valentine's day.....I'm sure your Hb is sending you a virtual it's a sensible idea re the weekly challenge. needs to be renamed the fortnight challenge now ;-) Looking forward to joining in with the fun xx

  2. Oh yeah, blame it on me LOL. So happy we have a bit more time to join the fun and it makes it feel more continuous as well. Thank you. Please stick with weekly challenge as the title. It's shorter and easier to write ROFL. Looking forward to seeing hearts of every colour except red. Fun. Hugz

  3. good idea of changing the timing, the weekly always felt so hurried, and now in fact it was already kind of a biweekly as there was no new challenge posted on the sunday the alpha/dictionary letter is announced.


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