Sunday 15 January 2017

The Song Challenge

The Song Challenge

Hi there!  Happy Sunday everyone!

Thought we would be snowbound today
but all the weather forecasts didn't include
this little bit of England ...................again!

I find snow on the beach to be quite surreal
especially if there is a blue sky and the sea
is that lovely mix of greens, purples and 

So we come to the other new 
challenge of 2017.  

I've called it the Song Challenge and 
I will give you the lyrics of a song and
Karen Gist will provide  a little bit 
of inspiration in the form of a decorated 
Tando Coaster

All you have to do is create your project
based on the song, or an aspect of it and
you have two weeks to upload it via the

Your project must show the Song Title
and who sang it ..... be warned some
songs have been done by more than one
person.  You don't have to add all of them
just the ones who made the song famous 

So here goes:

Oh the weather outside is frightful
But the fire is so delightful
And since we've no place to go
Let it snow! Let it snow! Let it snow!

It doesn't show signs of stopping
And I've bought some corn for popping
The lights are turned way down low
Let it snow! Let it snow! Let it snow!

When we finally kiss goodnight
How I'll hate going out in the storm!
But if you'll really hold me tight
All the way home I'll be warm

The fire is slowly dying
And, my dear, we're still goodbying
But as long as you love me so

Let it snow! Let it snow! Let it snow!

and here is Karen's Coaster:

Good luck everyone
Looking forward to seeing
your creations

The link closes on 29th January 
at midnight

Winner will be announced on
31st January


'Bye for now

Mickie xx


  1. Replies
    1. Meant to add that I LOVE Karen's coaster, what a beautiful colour and the crackle adds a lovely texture - makes you want to touch it!

    2. Yes Karen really knows how to get a good crackle - xx

  2. Replies
    1. Great fun Mickie and a lovely coaster.Has the overall winner of the dictionary challenge been chosen yet? Keep snug xx

    2. Hallo Jane - overall winner remains a work in progress I'm afraid. Hopefully I will be able to get to it very soon xx

  3. Hi Mickie, does it have to be in the form of a coaster? Or can it be a 𝓒𝓪𝓻𝓭 or something else? Thanks, Anne O

    1. Hallo Anne, you'll be pleased to know that it can be anything you like. Look forward to seeing what you do xx

  4. Just to clarify the "made it famous" thing - are we supposed to include the same artist as the example or can it be somebody else (to me, Let It Snow is Dean Martin, for example - I would never have thought of Rod Stewart in a million years and Bing Crosby would have been a stretch).

    1. I think it would be alright to use the artist that you know as long as its recognised as being by them Joanne. I never thought of Dean Martin and of course he made it famous! x

  5. Hi there! Yes, absolutely - has to be the one you know. xx

  6. Goodness nearly missed this new challenge..... must get my thinking cap on :)


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