Friday 12 May 2017

Blossom Time

Blossom Time

Hi There!

Happy Friday to all the workers
among you - try and get off quick
smart and start the weekend early
for a change!! 

You might just want
to get down to the Garden Centre
on your way home when you see
this beautiful project from
 Claire Jackson:

"PaperArtsy Fresco Finish chalk paint i
s my favourite craft paint because 
it dries quickly to a matte finish 
which is perfect for stamping. 

You can use pens, pencils, ink, Gelatos etc 
over the top and it adheres to most surfaces. 

An added bonus is that the colours come in 
opaque, semi opaque and translucent 
which makes them perfect for layering

 Paint your flower pot with PaperArtsy 
Fresco Finish chalk paint. 

I chose to do the top and bottom in different colours 
but you could experiment with stripes or blocks. 

I gave it two coats to cover up my streaky brush strokes! 

Make sure the paint is completely dry. 
As it’s on a non-porous surface it’s better 
to let it dry naturally so that 
you don’t risk bubbling the paint, 
however I did give it a gentle blast with the heat tool.

Working on a curved surface makes stamping 
a little trickier. 

Make sure the stamps are really well inked up
 with black Archival ink. 

For the stems you can get away with using 
a block, especially if it’s the rocker variety. 
For the flower heads it’s better to use the stamp 
unmounted and press it by hand onto the pot

Paint the flowers and leaves with opaque colours 
first adding shading with darker translucent colours.

Loosely outline the flowers with a white paint 
or gel pen and add highlights to the leaves and petals

Paint two more pots in the same colour scheme 
but mix up the colour combinations.

An optional finish is to add a coat of 
matte glaze which will help to protect 
the paint especially if you are putting the pot outdoors.

As the pots only cost 20p each from the 
supermarket this is a great way to brighten 
up the kitchen or balcony. "

Materials used:

Flower pot

PaperArtsy Fresco Finish chalk paint: blue oyster, cheesecake, 
rose, snowflake, inky pool, banana, granny smith, bougainvillea
Archival Ink: jet black
PaperArtsy stamps ETS06 by Tracy Scott

Thank you Claire for sharing
your super idea with us.

These pots would grace any windowsill
in any room in the house but I love how
your colour scheme compliments the
green of the herbs on your kitchen windowsill 

'Till tomorrow

Mickie xx


  1. Lovely Claire, they look great xXx

  2. What a transformation------ hard to believe they only cost pennies!! They would look lovely on tables if you were having a garden party too, X


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