Sunday 14 October 2012

Calendar challenge #3

Week 3 of our 2012 Calendar challenge.

Colour theme this week:

You can of course use other colours, but those three colours should appear on your calendar.
Although we have done an oil pastel week, I know that you don't necessarily have those in your craft room, nor do you want to make something Halloween-ish. 
But, if you have some oil pastels and / or would like to do an Halloween theme (October page for your calendar?), then please do, we would love to see :o)

For more details on how to enter our Calendar challenge, 
please click here. 

All the samples for this second challenge should be posted below. 
Remember to email me to get your 15% discount code ;)

Have fun !! 

It came to my attention that some of you would like to do the 12 calendars but are going on holiday for one or more week. So all the challenges are open for the whole 12 weeks, meaning that if you are going away, you can catch up when you get back. 
Also means that those of you who want to join us now, can do the previous challenges so you can enter the final draw. 
PS: you can only get your discount code once a week, the actual week of the challenge.
Hope that will help


  1. Thanks Izzy for the long open time for the challenges will help if "life" gets busy!! Great challenge again this week choices choices lol, off to get thinking head on.....hope my mojo is in the craft room :)


  2. Great idea about opening the challenge for the whole 12 weeks. You never know what will turn up to delay you. White, yellow and green difficult colours for me, not my favourites. Always good to challenge yourself though and do something out of the ordinary.

  3. Hi Izzy, glad you are leaving the deadlines open. I know at least one week will have been difficult a bit further on. Hmmm, white, yellow, green!! That's a tricky one. Making me think outside the box. Hoping inspiration will strike soon. Looking forward to seeing the entries. They have been great so far.

  4. The color theme is going to be a Challenge to mé and Halloween too. Love the Halloweens ideas but have never celebrated it. Maybe something just spooky.

  5. Just added my link....mmmmmm hard challenge this week!!



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