Sunday 12 May 2013


Hi everyone,

Thank you so much to all of you who are still participating in this Dictionary challenge, and welcome to the newbies. Yes, you can join anytime. Just remember that it is a Dictionary Alpha challenge, therefore the word and its definition has to be obvious on your sample, whether you alter an old dictionary, you make a card, an ATC, a card... we need to see that definition.

The new letter is K

No "twist" this week... the letter itself is challenging enough me think...
Here's the DT's samples.

Gio chose KOALA
(I won't tell you how it's pronounced in Chinese LOL)

 Karen is going on with her fruit theme and has chosen KIWI

Neil chose knock

Sylvie chose K for Kimono

Your turn, 
show us your beautiful work... 
can't wait to see it!! 

See you soon on your blogs ;)


  1. gotta work on it - wonderful inspiration from the talented team. *Thanks

  2. Beautiful entries yet once again ... Will have to give this letter a really good think!!!

  3. This was tough - my dictionary didn't have many K words to choose from!!

  4. Fabulous DT pages! Must get my thinking cap on! xx

  5. Great samples from DT, will have to get thinking!


  6. Diffcult letter I think, but beautiful samples from DT to help us !! :) Merci Isa ! Coco xx

  7. Certainly a challenge letter but I have found a special day for "K". I bet no one has heard of it, I hadn't!

  8. I do love this challenge!!

  9. Finally got my entry in; I didn't have a lot of time and this one kept giving me more work LOL! Started out with one page, ended up with two and a lot of colouring work. Happy with the result though. Now I'm having a look at the other entries. Love the inspiration! Hugs Frea

  10. I agree with those who felt 'K' was a little more challenging - not sure what I'll do when we get to Q; X; Y and Z! Great challenge!x

  11. Some beautiful entries. Wish I had time to visit all your blogs. I am so busy right now it is a challenge to find the time to enter!


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