Thursday, 13 June 2013

Around the world - Izzy

I had to think hard on that one.. trying to make something different from the rest of the team. So I thought travel... plane... passport! Checked I had a bit of grungepaper left and tried to make a passport holder. 
It came out much much better than I expected, so I'm going to make lots now as they make the perfect gift. I guess there will be more samples posted on my blog in the near future if I find the time ;)
More pink (yes Gio... I know..) as it's for my daughter... but with one hubby and two sons at home, there will be some masculine ones coming up... Once I have ordered more grungepaper :D
I hope you like it. Ask away if you have any questions. Would love to hear what you think. 

Cut 4 pieces of grungepaper:
1 > 5 1/4 x 7 3/4" (13.30 x 19.70 cm approx)
2 > 5 1/4 x 3/4" (inside strips... 13.30 x 1.90 cm)
1 > 5 1/4 x 1" (closure on the outside... 2.5 x 13.30 cm)

Paint them white (for the big one and the closure one) and pink for the inside ones. I know they all show white on picture one but that's the way I started and then changed my mind. See the first coat as a primer LOL. 
I did two coats of white for anything that is supposed to remain white. 
Add the girl using the Andy Skinner stencil and Americana pink paint. 
Dry with a heat tool.
Place the mask on the girl and add the shadow first with the grey paint then the black. That will really make your image pop.
Use the Crafter's Workshop template and white paint to add patterns on dress. When dry, use a permanent pen to "highlight" the pattern (pic 2) and use it again with pink paint on 3 corners of your grungeboard as shown on picture 3 below. Highlight with the permanent pen again.
Use the same mask to add pattern on the three strips of grungeboard: white paint on the pink ones, and pink paint on the white one. 

You will then glue the grungeboard strips inside the passport holder. 
I used super glue as I really wanted it to hold quickly and to make sure it would not come off later. 
Only add a very thin line (1mm) of glue right on the ends of the strip or you won't be able to slide the passport in later. I used the BasicGrey magnets for the closure. Once again, although they are self-adhesive, I added a bit of super glue to make sure it won't come off later.
Once everything is glued in place, add your stamping using Archival or StazOn ink. 
Add a couple of coats of varnish/sealer. Not only to protect your design, but if you go for a gloss or satin finish, you will be able to wipe off any stain later with a baby wipe ;)
For the inside strip on the left, you could actually made it bigger and glue it on 3 sides so it can be used as a pocket for tickets or cards. I will do this on the next one I do... It's 5 of us at home, so there will be more ;)

 I also made a little box that can be used to keep the favourite jewellery or even the ear plugs when you travel. I upcycled a tiny box (the one my Pandora charms come in... I have several of those, perfect size).
Paint them inside and out with the same colours. Use the stencil on the side and top of the box. 
The bird is actually part of that stencil too. 
Add a few stamps, a touch of glitter and you are done. 

One little keepsake box matching the passport holder

I used
Crafty Individuals stamps: CI-239 and CI-221 (for the Travel, Explore, Discover)
Black permanent ink: Archival or StazOn 
Americana paint: Royal Fuchsia
PaperArtsy Fresco Finish paint: Snowflake, Little Black Dress, Taupe
Andy Skinner stencil/mask: Vogue
The Crafter's Workshop template: Paradise

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See you tomorrow


  1. It's very lovely, and not because it's pink :-)!

  2. WOW!!! you have done a fantastic job here Izzy :D x

  3. Awesome Izzy, and so beautiful... Whaouh!!! And thank you for great tutorial I will keep for myself for the future, perfect indeed for some gifts ! Bises, Coco


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