Saturday, 1 June 2013

Saturday Savers - Fashion week - Michelle

Saturday Savers 
a dedicated day of stash using, recycling, upcycling and general planet saving!

Hi everyone, 
Second Saturday Savers with an amazing project from Michelle. I don't think you can get much more recycled that this as she used a roll, an old coin, some can opener tabs and a paper bag. Yet I love the finished project, don't you? So cute!!  

I upcycled this roll. It measures approx. 3½" x 3½". 
Before cutting it in half, trace and cut 2 circles in thick (recycled) cardboard.
You get the base, the lid and sides. Cut the circles to match the roll and glue with paper strips, inside and outside. To get and easy opening, add another stripe of paper on the back and inside too.

Cut and emboss cardstock. 
Make 4 feet from can opener tab by folding them with pliers  
Adhere the cardstock to the box. 
Add 2 more tab on sides (to hold the chain later) with brads. 
Adhere paper inside as well.

Hot glue the feet to the bottom of the box. 
Die cut some gear from black shrink plastic and shrunk them. 
The closure is made from an old coin (drill a small hole) and a small magnet. 
Add some ribbon and more coins to decorate. It is big enough to hold a gift card. 
Recycled material 
paper bag
paper roll
old coins
can opener tabs

Craft material:

See you tomorrow


  1. Amazing work and wonderful use of simple things

    Thank you

    Love Chrissie xx

  2. Unbelievable!! I never would have guessed these items that you used. This is gorgeous!!!! Absolutely creative :)

  3. I am speechless, almost! brilliant, upcycling, recycling any kind of cycling and so creative.

  4. Fantastic project, I love this so much, the Saturday savers is my favourite blog posts of the week as I love to see what folks are upcycling!

  5. AN amazing piece of upcycling/recycling and it makes a wonderful gift holder. Who would ever have guessed this was made from a cardboard roll??

  6. Fabulous!! where did you get the cardboard roll that size from? Brilliant idea xx

  7. Great idea , I hate wasting anything. Lovely polished finish too.
    Angela x


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