Sunday 18 August 2013


Hi everyone,

Here's the new letter for this fortnight.


No twist as the choice of word might be limited with this letter.. I don't know.. Can't wait to see what you come up with.

In the meantime, here's a few pages to inspire you :)

Gio went for OPPOSITE

And Karen is sticking to her fruit theme with yummy OLIVES 

Sylvie chose OCEAN and an ORIGAMI (squashed lol) boat 
She used the Gelatos for her background

I (Izzy) chose Octopus

How about you? which word are you going to go for? 

See you tomorrow


  1. I've done my page and published my post but the link isn't here to join it up...

  2. oh what a bother, I'll pop over anyways. I have my day chosen but have been at church this morning. BJ

  3. All great pages to inspire us! So many great O words to choose from! I better get to narrowing it down to one.

  4. Great pages for inspiration still deciding which O to use Linky still awol; :(


    1. Well, I don't work weekends Maggie so sorry about that is all I can say.
      I have added it now.

  5. Done mine now. Oranges and Lemons Day - who'd have thought? BJ

  6. Done mine - so glad it's not last minute this time. School holidays do tend to interfere with creative time ;)

  7. Added my first page, might be the only page - I am so busy tomorrow doing a stall then taking my niece back to Wales, going for a meal - could miss the deadline or be too tired!

    Cazzy x

  8. Hi Izzy,
    I have emailed several times to collect my wall of fame badge for letters F and T but had no reply. I am not sure if you recieved my emails but I haven't recieved any reply so can you please try using the following email:
    Thanks and I hope to hear from you.
    Cheers Carol

    1. Hi,
      I did not get any of your emails I'm afraid :(
      Will send the badge now :)

    2. Hi Izzy,
      I still have no badge but thats because I mistyped my email address - doh. I'm beginning to feel I will never get my badge, can you please try this address:
      I copied and pasted this address so there should be no mistakes. Also my sister is Kiwi In Timbertown she has tried emailing you and had no reply - so we are not sure if she is having the same problem as me re emailing - if you haven't received her emails can you let me know and I will have her contact you through the comments section. Thanks and sorry to be such a pain. I hope you have recovered from your fall.
      Cheers Carol.

    3. Hi, I have now emailed you again. And yes, I did receive your sister's emails and I did answer as well as sent her the voucher she won. Hope she got everything :-/


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