Monday, 14 October 2013

Halloween week - Di

Yes, it's this time of year again (my favourite holiday personally), and if you are one who celebrates Halloween, with friends or with your kids, this week will be very inspirational. The DT has been creating a lot of samples from cards to decorations on the Halloween theme. 

We are going to start with Mrs Tando Creative, aka Di Oliver and a lovely Halloween village which she made for a class at the Craft Barn. 
Stay tuned as Gio has also made one, which will be featured later this week.
Here are some of the products that Di used...

I first put together the Corner Base and then using screwed up newspaper I built up the scenery base with Modroc.  
I used scrap pieces of chipboard where the houses were going to go so that they lay flat on the Modroc. 
This was left to dry while I decorated the houses with paints and some Halloween pieces.

Once the Modroc is dry, paint the base in greens, browns and oranges blending colours as you go until you’re happy with the result. 
Glue the houses to the base and decorate the gravestones and pumpkins to finish off the scene.

Di used:

See you tomorrow


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  1. Oh yeah, WOW !! Awesome scene and Halloween village, I love it !!! Thank you Di for this wonderful inspiration... And I think I've bought last year Modroc on the Craft Barn but never used yet... hmm, I have an idea to give it a try soon tee hee, hope it's not too complicate to exploit this material for the first time alone. Hugs Coco xxx


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