Sunday 15 November 2015

Weekly Challenge

Happy Sunday everyone,

What are we up to today then,
apart from seeing who is the quickest 
to post on this challenge!!

Can't believe how fast some of
you are!  

So what are we going to have this week
as our latest challenge??

Well I don't know, I've run out of ideas....

I've just looked up a trivia site
and did you know that today is
Guinness World Record Day!
Haha bet you didn't know that, nor did I!

I think the Challenge should be that 
you have to feature something that 
'could' be a world record, I'm not saying it 
has to be one so the word 'loosely' is coming 
in to play again!!

Well I reckon that gives you lots to think about.
I'm sure just about everything is or
could be a World Record! So no excuses!

You have one week, as many entries
as you like via the link where possible
or if not to me at
The link will close at midnight on Sunday 
22nd November and the winner, picked by
 random generator will receive a 
£10 voucher.
The winner will be announced on Tuesday
24th October.

Good luck everyone,

Jane x


  1. I did come up with a record for my card, which is on my blog.... but I think I can also grab the record of the first card up for the challenge too Jane ;0) x

  2. Haha you certainly got there first! Well done you!!
    Jane x

  3. Yay! I have joined in again! Slightly tenuous world records though! xxx


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