Sunday 22 November 2015

Weekly Challenge


So, did you get any of the white stuff
We woke up to a white slushy ground,
didn't last though but gosh it has
certainly turned colder. We have 
actually put the central heating on for the first 
time.  can't say I feel the cold,
too many hot flushes haha!!  I have my very
own central heating system, trouble is
it doesn't always know when to turn itself off!

Well it's Sunday again and time to
announce our new challenge for the 
week......I'm struggling here folks!

I think as we saw our first snow/slush
yesterday of the winter, I am going to say


It can be stamps, die cuts, stencils, masks
whatever you fancy.  So that gives you 
something to think about!!

Who will be first to post today I wonder?

You know the rules, entry via link where 
possible or to me at
The link will close at midnight on
Sunday 29th November.
As many entries as you like and the 
winner will be announced on
Tuesday 1st December.  As usual a £10
gift voucher is up for grabs.

So off you go and look for those snowflakes!

Good luck everyone!

Jane x


  1. White stuff on the ground here in North East Scotland for the second day in a row- sorry to hear your internal central heating is on the blink-lol! I had a very easy time.


    1. Luckily it does save on heating bills haha!! Can't remember the last time I wore a jumper.
      Jane x

  2. Good morning Jane, we too had sleet yesteday morning but have woken up to a very pretty cold and frosty morning here...I feel a song coming on...LOL. A great theme for this week as Christmas is just 33 days away...woop woop! x

  3. I am first to post my snowflake! A very topical theme for this week.
    Have a great week and looking forward to seeing what everyone does with snowflakes. x


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