Monday 27 June 2016

Alpha/Dictionary 2016 Challenge

Morning all,

I'm sorry everything is a bit late...
not sure whether I shall get this whole post 
done but here goes.....

Will keep it brief just in case!!

We are ready today for our new letter
to add to the Alpha/Dictionary Challenge.

What is it to be this time???

Ok.....our next letter is.....


with no twists you'll be pleased to know!

Karen as always has made another
little compartment for her tray....

Another cute addition, I really want to see this it looks amazing!!

So, you have two weeks before the link 
closes at midnight on Sunday 10th
July.  As many entries as you like!
If you can't use the link then send  your
pics to me at
and I will add them for you!

Don't forget your project must include
a word beginning with the letter W and 
a definition either of your making or from 
the dictionary.

The winner will be picked by Random Generator 
and announced on Tuesday 12th July. 
There will be a £10 voucher for the prize.

I'm going now and I'm not sure when I'll be 

Jane x


  1. Great to see you managed to post Jane... off to look through the Ws in my vintage dictionary x

  2. Well, with that parting comment there's a good job you don't have snow bwahahahahahaha. W it is. Hugz

    1. Haha yes snow would mean you would never see me again!! Good old England!!
      Jane x

  3. That one shouldn't be difficult, thanks Jane!


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