Sunday 7 August 2016

Alpha/Dictionary Challenge 2016

Morning Campers,

How are you all?
Hope you have something nice planned
for the family are all going
paintballing today....I might go and
have a laugh watching them but don't 
think I shall join in....I'm not that mad.
They came back with some wicked bruises
 last time!
But then again, I might have a quiet
day at home sorting out my huge amount
of stash.  Really need a good declutter.
I have so much now, some is 20 years old 
and if I haven't used it yet then I'm pretty
sure I'm not going to!

Well, it's Sunday and Challenge Day,
it's our new letter today for the 
Alpha/Dictionary Challenge.
Hopefully the link is still behaving and 
will close tonight at midnight for the 
last letter.  I will check after to make
sure that everyone who entered on the last
link but then their pic disappeared, is not 
forgotten.  I will have to add their pics
after and give them a number.

So what is our new letter to be....
ooh you are not going to like this one,
actually on second thoughts it is not so bad!
There are worse!

The DT have chosen...


they didn't give you a twist but you know
what, it's been too easy lately and I see 
from Karen's picture that she has added a 
pearl, so I'm going to say....

Z with a pearl!

Karen as usual has made a
lovely addition to her frame...

You know the rules by now, two weeks to
enter as many times as you like.  Entry 
via the link where possible which will close
at midnight on Sunday 21st August.
If you can't use the link then please send
your pics to me at
and I will add them for you.
Your project needs to include a word
beginning with the letter Z and include
somewhere a pearl or pearls.
The winner will be picked by Random 
Generator and announced on 
Tuesday 23rd August.  The winner will
receive a £10 price voucher.

Good luck everyone and enjoy the rest
of the weekend, wherever you are!!

Jane x


  1. This one will be a bit harder...

  2. Well I suppost it's better than it's time for the thinking cap...with a pearl ;0) x

  3. Just waiting for my new zombie to arrive and I'll be with you. Hugz

  4. Zombie lurching to the linky limit. Nearly forgot the pearls but did a quick save on the gravestone bwahahahahahaha. Ain't it great when we are having fun. Hugz


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