Sunday 28 August 2016

Two Weekly Challenge


Sorry this is a little late....
guess who forgot to press the publish button?

No....I have no idea either??
Whoever it was needs to get the sack.... oh....
of course....that'll be me haha!!

Back to the post....

Morning everyone and 
Happy Bank Holiday Weekend
hope you are going to do something nice
wherever you are.  
Not sure what to expect weather wise
but it is the UK and it's Bank Holiday
so I shan't say anymore.....
well other than don't forget your umbrellas!!!

It's Sunday and that means
Challenge Day 
and this time it is 
Two Weekly Challenge!!

So what shall it be this time?
Well, I've thought long and hard on this
and I reckon you like a good challenge
with a bit of fun thrown in
as it's Bank Holiday weekend here in the UK
how about....
what men like to do on a Bank Holiday

I think that should give you something to think about!!
Could be gardening, cars, fishing, golf,
snoozing....whatever you like.
Is that ok??

So, you have two weeks, as many entries as you like,
entry via the link where possible but if not send
your pics to me at
and I will add them for you.  Of course I may
 not be with you by then but I will forward them 
on to the new blog author!

The link will close at midnight on
Sunday 11th September and the winner
will be announced on Tuesday 13th.
As always Mr Random Generator will
pick the winner and they will receive a
£10 voucher!

Good luck everyone, have fun and enjoy the
rest of your weekend!

Jane x


  1. What can I say but interesting ..... :) xxx

  2. Tell you what Jane, since you're on the other side of the fence now, why don't you join us and show us one of your creations? It doesn't have to be new just something that fits the scheme.
    Taking up the challenge?

    1. Ok..... Might have to think about that......I have no idea how to use the link though!!!!!! Ha ha!!!!
      Jane x

    2. Jane I just wanted to check with you that you had received the email I sent? Many thanks for all your hard work - I am going to have to put my thinking cap on for this challenge lol! Bring back the dragonflies please?! Karen x

  3. Ahhh.... blokes. What do they like to do??? This could be a goodie. Hugz

  4. Karen P, sorry no I haven't received any email from you!
    Jane x

    1. I just checked and sent the email to the wrong address after winning the Two Weekly Challenge. I've emailed again tonight Karen

  5. Running late but made it again last minute! Thanks for another great challenge xx


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