Thursday, 9 February 2017

Starlight Express

Starlight Express

Hi Everyone!

Hope you are doing well
Here is a beautiful project
to help brighten your day
from Craftyfield:

 "I'm new to Starlight paints although I'd read, 
seen and heard a lot about how fantastically 
shiny and awesome they were. I wasn't convinced 
they would be very different to other metallic paints.... 

I have to admit I was very wrong. 
They ARE different, in a way which is 
difficult to describe, the photos do not
give a good enough impression and this
is one I would advise you to see for yourself. 

Also, if you can, watch the videos available 
on the Imagination Crafts website, they 

explain the product better than I can.

To road test the new paints I used a blank 
tissue box and gave it an Eastern inspired makeover.

 First I gave my tissue box a coat of black gesso. 
The mat look reminds me of blackboard which I thought 
would be perfect to show off the shine of the paints

Then, I applied Starlight in Dark Orchid (purplish colour) 
at the corners fading to black at the center. 
With the flash, however, what you see is mainly 
flashes of silver metal reflecting the light

Next, I used the Starlight in Platinum (I would describe this 
one as a cross between silver and gold) with a piece of 
Cut & Dry foam to ink my Honeydoo stamp. 
[The palette you can see in the photo is old plastic packaging]

The stamp is very detailed, so on top of wood the impression 
is not perfect but I think this give the finished 
article a unique and personal touch.

Now for the side views...

and the end views...

and a zoom so you can get an idea of the shine...


Tissue box 
Black Gesso
Starlight paints (Black orchid, Platinum) 

Wow!  This is a gorgeous project
and would make a lovely gift.......
birthdays............mothers day.......

Thank you Craftyfield love the sophisticated air

'Till tomorrow

Mickie xx


  1. Lovely box Christine..very pretty shimmery flowers. They do look like fun paints xx

  2. Love it Christine and the paints are gorgeous. What a great gift this would make.
    Happy crafting, Angela xXx

  3. Such a nice tissue box. I really do not need any more paints .... or do I? There is such a great selection of colours how can we resist them. x

  4. Very elegant finish, I like you have not purchased these paints before ----- the wish list has just got longer! X

  5. I love the effect on the black background. Something else to add to my wish list! xxx

  6. YUMMY and thank you for the "how to". Have a lovely day x

  7. Simple but gorgeous!!!
    Great use of these metallic paints, and I'm sure it is even more beautiful in the reality..
    This unique flower stamp is also very beautiful and fit perfectly the space. xx


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