Sunday 5 February 2017

Twelve Month Challenge

Twelve Month Challenge

Hallo Everyone!

It is the first Sunday of the month
and that means it is a Challenge Day!


As you know, the challenge is based
on Sara Coleridge's poem:  The Months.

This month's verse, which must be included
in your project, is:

February brings the rain,
Thaws the frozen lake again

Here is Claire Jackson's
February canvas:

And the challenge is ...........
you must include a heart and a cherub

Remember your project can take any form you like
and must include the verse
a heart and a cherub

You have until midnight on 26th February
to enter as many times as you like
via the link

If you are unable to use the link then
please email your project to me and
I will put it up for you

Have fun and I look forward to seeing
your lovely projects

'Till Tuesday

Mickie xx


  1. A lovely piece from Claire. This one's a tough one...not sure how to fit a cherrub in with a lake...for a moment I thought you were going to ask for a in Claire's canvas! But a challenge is a challenge Mickie....hmmm I need to put on a very large thinking cap!! Happy February xx

  2. I'm VERY glad Mickie didn't set me the challenges just the poem! Good luck everyone!

  3. Lovely picture. Must remember to add the verse this time ;) ;) x

  4. This comment has been removed by the author.

  5. Thank you Mickie - I have your details now so if the link disappears I know I can get in touch. I can do hearts but I don't have any cherubs lol! Like Jane I have to get my thinking cap on! The inspiration above is stunning! xx

  6. Beautil canvas Claire!! Delicately done, and I love the scene. xx


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