Thursday, 12 April 2012

Mosaic week: Box

After metal mosaic, clay mosaic, and material/mirror mosaic, how about Friendly Plastic mosaic today?
Linda has been playing with her friendly plastic this week to make a lovely little box lid. What do you think? Isn't it gorgeous?
Here's how she made it.. 

I don't always find Friendly Plastic quite as friendly as I would like ... but for small pieces of jewellery and lids and flat surfaces that I want to cover ... well ... it really is fabulous ... very effective and really quite simple.
To cover this Paper Mache box I drew around the lid on Grease Proof Paper and then cut small pieces from the Friendly Plastic to for a Mosaic Pattern. Once happy with the design I carefully turn all the pieces over ... leaving them on the Grease Proof Paper and heat them until they are shiny.

I then press the box lid into the plastic firmly ... this will secure it to the lid. Turn the lid over and wait for the plastic to cool. The Paper will slide off easily when the plastic has hardened. Then I heat the top of the lid to weld all the pieces in tightly and achieve a smooth finish. While it is hot you can impress embellishments; wire; beads; Beadazzles ... anything you like really. Leave to set again and you are good to go!

Friendly Plastic: Floral Garden Blue/Black; Turquoise Black
Beadazzles: Electric Slide

See you tomorrow, 


  1. I love this! I have got some friendly plastic after seeing it demo'd various places - but never used it... maybe time to put that right soon! Thanks for this.

  2. It's so beautiful ! and you make it look easy...

  3. Brilliant - like Jill off to have a play now as I've got some friendly plastic lurking in the bottom of a box somewhere

  4. I'm so loving this idea - I must get the Friendly Plastic out. Its long forgotten in a drawer somewhere! xx


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