Tuesday, 10 April 2012

Mosaic week: Cabochons

Mosaic can be used with all sorts of projects, even jewellery. Here Isa'sArt made some lovely cabochon using Polymer clay and Viva Precious Metal paints.

ETA: The beads were made following the technique she demonstrated but instead of covering the whole beads with the painted clay, she only placed "cuts" of the painted clay on the black cabochon.
To see her original post on how to make the beads with Viva Precious Metal paint, click HERE.


Want to see how to make mosaic on fabric? oh... and a mirror too ;)
Pop by tomorrow, Gio will be with us


  1. Love the look of these but would really have liked some details of how they were made (us novices soak up any info offered!!).

  2. I second Julia... initially I thought the mosaic was made of friendly plastic but that isn't the case !

  3. Hi Julia,
    I have now added a bit more details (after asking Isas'Art) and her link to a post where she showed how to make the beads, hope that helps.


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