Saturday 22 September 2012

Simply Saturday and Pebeo

Last day for our Pebeo paints week. I must admit that I find these paints fascinating. It's fun to watch them change through time and the final result is always stunning. 
Gay is with us today, and she recycled boxes and jars. I'm sure you won't look at your little mini jam pots the same way now. Those are so cute. 
Please, let us know what you thought of this week in a comment below. 

This is what I started with, it was fun emptying them   The small jars are individual marmalade or jam pots, I don't like leaving them behind in restaurants, I fear they get thrown away! Now I can re-use them.

After 2minutes

 After 15 minutes

After a few hours and still tacky I added some flat backed pearls and this is how it looked completely dry

I wanted to see what the paints looked like on a large area and was facinated watching the reaction on these large tins. I mixed the paint thoroughly and poured it carefully onto the tin lids, adding the other colour as I went. The papers were added around the base when everything was completely dry.

Gay used 

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See you soon
Have a nice weekend


  1. Great idea, I'm always looking at those small jam jars as well. Now I know what to do with them.

  2. That looks amazing. Love the idea and love the containers - I'm a sucker for containers. Heh

  3. Its fascinating watching these paints dry :D I am loving your recycling and the end results are gorgeous x

  4. Lovely idea. Just waiting for my paints to arrive so I can have a play

  5. Gosh I haven't seen those tins of sweets for years being here in France! Yummy memories....!! If all you do is pour on this paint and get such incredible results, maybe I should have a go! Beautiful tins and jars! TfS!

  6. It has been a cool Pebeo week, i really like how the DT showed how differnt project it can be used at. Thanks to the DT for cool inspiration and how too ise it. It's on my wish list now.

  7. What a lovely idea... I keep lots of little containers for my crafty bits so these paints would allow me to make a matching set. That chocolate colour is gorgeous !

  8. Lovely, Hugs, Brittany, xx


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