Tuesday 4 September 2012

Transfer Artist Paper week: fabric embellishments

Lovely arches project with Gio today. I love how she "hanged" the embellishment in the centre of the arches. 
Those three little arches are really pretty and delicate, don't you think? 
Would love to read your thoughts in a comment below. 
Here's how Gio made her sample:

To create the fabric embellishments I scanned and ink- printed the CI Domino sheet, I cut some figures from it and I transferred them to a piece of fabric using the Transfer Artist Paper (TAP paper).
I also stamped the TAP using Archival ink and the CI-347 Row of Butterfly, then I transferred them to a piece of fabric.
I cut the fabric and I sewed two pieces together, back and front, only on three sides. I stuffed the embellishment and I closed the opening.

I cut a Gothic Arch from a piece of white cardstock, I stamped the background using CI-350 Laces using Coffee Archival Ink . I cut a little arch opening and I put the fabric embellishment in the center, holding temporarily with a piece of masking tape. I made some little holes with a craft awl along the border of the inner arch, then I linked the fabric embellishment with the help of a needle, a thread and some beads.I glued the butterfly to the arch.

For the Plum Gothic Arch: I linked the fabric embellishment with metallic wire and beads.

For the black Gothic Arch: I glued a piece of black veil to the back of the arch, I hand-sewed the fabric embellishment along with some beads.

Gio used:
Crafty Individuals images - Domino
CI-350 - Lace
CI-347 - Row of butterfly
Archival Inks Jet Black-Coffee-Plum
Rocaille beads mix: Jets and Mahogany

A little note from Crafty Individuals:
You are welcome to scan, resize, and print any of our images onto TAP paper for your personal use only, including selling your hand crafted items. But please don’t sell printed TAP, using our images, or offer our images themselves for downloading on the internet, as we do own the copyright.

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See you tomorrow


  1. Just stunning! So much beauty created by so much work. I love this so much.

  2. Amazing artwork! So delicate!

    die amelie xx

  3. An awesome set of gothic arches which some clever ideas.

  4. Stunning and so cleverly done.xx

  5. Oh this are beautiful. Hugs! Mojca

  6. This is so beautiful.

    Hugs Riet.xx

  7. Lovely work, very inspirational. Thankyou

  8. Fantastic work ! I am enjoying this week's theme as I want to use more fabric in my projects.

  9. Just been admiring sneak peeks of these arches over at Gio's, and they are just wonderful - great to see them in more detail and with a how-to... thanks so much!
    Alison x


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