Sunday 6 January 2013


Hello everyone, 

As promised we start our alpha challenge today. Did you find or get some dictionaries? Are you all ready to go? 
I need to pop at the charity shop here too to find one... or two even as I would like my daughter to make one too. I think it's a great thing for kids too. 

As I mentioned last week, we are not going to do the challenge in alphabetical order. So this week, for the first challenge, we are playing with the 


First of all, let me share the DT's samples with you...

Chris Dark is playing along (I am very pleased to say) and she chose the word "VOYAGE"

Gio has found an Italian-Chinese dictionary to alter and she chose V for VEIL

 Karen is in the fruity mood with VICTORA PLUMS

Neil has chosen to tear the dictionary pages and use them in another book
Different approach to our challenge, but I like it! How about you? 
It's all about VERITY with Neil this week. 

and this week, you can win a £20 !!

so how can you play with us.... 

- Find a dictionary and start altering ... it's that simple. 
Either you alter the dictionary itself, or you can take the pages to insert them in an Art Journal like Neil.
You can just stamp an image and colour it as Chris did, or alter the whole page.
You can also draw or sketch if you don't have any stamps... or use collages... 
 It's entirely up to you.

- Make sure that your letter / word is obvious: highlight the word and definition on your page one way or another

- Please make your sample for the Alpha Challenge
You can't enter another challenge with a card with trees and say "oh it's start with T, let's use it for the Alpha challenge"
Does not work ;-)

- If you don't want to alter a dictionary but make other samples with the letters, it's ok. 
But it has to be consistent... make a series of ATC, or TAGS with the whole alphabet throughout the year. 
Start a new AAJ (Alpha Art Journal), but make sure that the letter/word and definition are obvious. It IS for an ALPHA/DICTIONARY challenge
I will delete entries if I have to, sorry :-/

- Challenges are posted every 2 weeks on Sundays

- There will be a prize to win each time (voucher or goodies)

- We don't give you the letters in order and will add a little "twist" sometimes to make sure you don't work ahead of time ;-)

- Challenge is open to all countries and all ages. 
Get your kids/grandkids involved, they will love it.
If they learn another language, how about finding a dictionary for that language?

- Post your entry on your blog, with a permalink to ours (please and thank you), and add your link below (blue "add your link" button). 

- If you don't have a blog, you can use your Facebook account if you have one. Either create a new public photo album to post your pages (but bear in mind that others can't leave comments unless they are your "friends")
you can create yourself a Facebook "PAGE", which is public, and this way, anyone will be able to comment on your work. If you don't know how to create a page on FB click here, I have explained it on a PDF.

- Make sure you enter a valid email address so I can get in touch with you if you win the prize.
You don't want to miss out on free goodies, do you? 

- Having fun with us? You can enter several times each week if you are feeling inspired.

- You can use this logo on your blog and tell your friends about it to get them to play too

- Have I missed something? 
if you have any question, please ask in a comment below, or email me and I will add the answer to this list

Most importantly 

Can't wait to see your Alpha samples

See you soon

To find out how to use the blue ADD YOUR LINK if you have a blog, click here

Could you please check this post I wrote a while back?
Most of the messages you leave on the blog will appear to me with no email address. 
So I can't get back to you and answer your questions. 
So please, please, update your profile, or contact me by email directly or leave you email in the comment.
Thank you


  1. I love the idea of the alpha challenge but not being one who likes to alter books, (I was raised to look after books and the thought of drawing in one...horror!!),I am so pleased you are offering an alternative. I will try to join in as much as I can!

  2. Oh wow, this has pushed some buttons. I am glad you aren't limiting us to altering a book. I did think inchies (too small) twinchies (two small). On with the word play!! Visiting my friendly librarian tonight to see if she has a old dictionary I can abuse. I'm with Anne, books are respected in our family, but art must........
    VERY EXCITED. Thanks Craft Barn.

  3. What a fab but scary challenge! Maybe I will try and join in. I love the design team examples! xx

  4. Oh cool! I'm off to find an old dictionary so I can join in! I like having two weeks to work on it too! Thanks for allowing 'all' countries. I'm in the US and think the UK has the bestest crafty stuff that's not avail over here!

  5. I'm hoping to join in again but I'm undecided as to style, format etc etc to start with --- good job we have 2 weeks!!

  6. Great idea for a challenge, I do hope that time will allow me to finish this. May have to do some catching up later on in the year as summer is a busy time. At least two weeks per challenge is a help. Loving the DT's samples and inspiration.

  7. Thank you for this very cool challenging idea, a new chance to alter a book (never done yet before) for me !... I will try to join in as much as I can!

  8. A cool idea for a challenge.
    Does a orthography dictionary count or shall it be from one language to another. The Danish english do I use a lot to keep in touch with you girls. LOL.

  9. Linda, any dictionary will work. Totally up you you.

  10. What brilliant idea for a challenge, this is my first ever attempt at something like this so I really hope have done it justice, have already linked up my project. Fab work done by the DT btw. TC&KS

  11. is anyone else having problems linking up? I couldn't do it yesterday or today, just get an empty pop up with nowhere to enter link info...

  12. I have not had anyone struggling with the linking so far Laura. I have emailed you ;-)
    I'm sure we can find a way

  13. I am also having problems with the new link system.

  14. Laura, just posted your link no problem, so we will figure out why you can't do it.

    Scrapmate, can you please get in touch with me and tell me what error message you have and what browser you are using? Thanks


  15. HI - what a fab challenge, have a format idea, but wonder if this is a challenge we have to enter every time or can we dip in and out ? Some weeks I'm busier than others and may not get there....Esther x

  16. Looking forward to joining all you lovely ladies in this chalenge.

  17. fab inspiration and great challenge idea. x

  18. Hi have tried several times to use the linky but have failed. Each time I click enter from your web page the Stamp attic images appear. I tried using from your computer but failed again :(
    my entry is here

  19. I'm joining in on this alpha adventure, but I've failed miserably with the letter V, so I'm not showing it. I'm going to give the next letter a go to see if I can improve upon my ability to create an interesting altered dictionary. I'm really anxious to try another letter/word.

    (Commenting here has shown me that I should have chosen the word "verification" so that I could somehow put a hex on those dreaded word verifications.) I'm sure you have good reason for using it. Yours is the only blog I put up with it for!

  20. have managed to upload .. i wwas trying to link directly to the post.. but only need to go to Blog URL.

  21. Such a great challenge and I'm defineately in with this challenge. This is also my first attempt, am happy with what i did lol.. Great DT Inspiration. Thank you.

  22. Looking forward to completing this challenge, unfortunatly Mr Linky not working so I've emailed my entry, great work so far everyone x

  23. Thank you for this wonderful challenge and the beautiful DT work for inspiration! I've linked something entirely new and different to me and would love some constructive criticism! Being "artsy" is not so easy for me, but I want to learn!!! :)

  24. I also get a blank link box. Resorted to taking picture with tablet and sending it that way

  25. Hi everyone,
    Thank you for your lovely comments about the challenge and the feedback about the linking problem.
    They have changed something and it seems that those of you who use Internet Explorer can't use it properly.
    I will try to change it, hoping it does not delete all the entries :-/

  26. ok, it did not delete the entries (phew) and the little blue frog is back.
    So hopefully it is working properly for everyone now. Let me know ;)

  27. I've linked my entry, had a lot of fun and can't wait for the next letter....

  28. Well I think I linked up ok, if not, it's here -
    I was so very much hoping I would be able to join in before you got too far ahead for me to catch up. Yippee!
    I haven't used a dictionary per-se because my old dictionary is a mini one, so I've taken the appropriate page out and added it into the new journal I've started. My journal is actually just a note book that I decorated a few months back just for fun, but had no idea what I was going to use it for. Now I do! I'm eagerly waiting to see the next letter :-D

  29. Enjoyed this challenge so much more than I could have imagined. I loved having a chance to play! Can't wait for the next one.

  30. Great challenge had a fab time getting inky for my first page in my Altered Dictionary, love the DT work, thanks everyone

    Maggie :-)

  31. What a fab challenge and stunning pieces of the DT.
    Thank you for that one :-) looks promising and inspiring.
    Best, Suzanne

  32. Hello! I linked my entry (39) and forgot to leave a note here; but I wanted to let you know I just love your challenge. Love the inspiration from the DT, beautiful work; I broke the ice with mix media, and I am waiting impatiently for the next letter...
    cheers from Montreal!

  33. Thank you, thank you, thank you ... this challenge has totally inspired me, and woken up my creative mojo ... suddenly 2013 is becoming more exciting!!!

  34. Thank you for the inspiration here! I'm brand new to this technique and I entered your challenge (45). I had lots of fun creating my project and look forward to the next challenge.
    Hugs, Cathy-Lynn

  35. I just found out about this and would love to join in, hope that is OK. I need to go get a dictionary now :)

  36. Phew, all linked up with 7 hours to spare. LOL. This was so much FUN. Bring on the next letter. So glad to see so many entries, but must apologise. It's been a hectic week and I just haven't had time to comment on everyone. I was doing quite well and then last Saturday there were so many links I lost the plot. Sorry if I missed you. Hope to get some time to browse anyone I missed.

  37. Ok, I have already overcome a major hurdle and actually managed to link my effort to this blog (no mean feat I can assure you) thanks to the instructions you have left for computer dummies like me. I am sooo excited. Now if you could explain how to get your wee logo from here to my page??? It's beyond me for the moment... Lol

  38. This challenge really grabbed me and although I managed to mess up my pages I had a lot of fun doing them!
    I am looking forward to the next letter.


  39. Can't wait to get cracking on the next letter! xx

  40. Just come across this and love the idea. Now can I find a dictionary to join in?

  41. What a lovely prompt for art journaling....great challenge

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