Sunday, 16 June 2013

Letter F winner and Wall of fame

Another letter done, lots of entries again which really makes me happy. I hope you are still all enjoying this challenge as much as we are... I know I am .. finally caught up with all the letters last weekend, and really had a blast! 
So F was filled with a lot of  Frogs... French.... (they go together, right? lol... I am French, I'm allowed to say that)...Feathers... Fish... Friends... Firmament came up twice too, which surprised me a bit.. 

Every fortnight, I tell you that I ask my 9 (soon to be 10) year old daughter Melissa to pick a number... I usually ask her when she is next to me, but I thought I would show you that I am not kidding when I tell you that she chooses the number. So it was IPad to Ipod conversation this morning as you can see below... :D

So number 34 is.................. 

Please get in touch to confirm your email address and I will email you a £ 20 voucher APSAP


Now for our Wall of famers this week... 

Carol with Frollicing Frogs in France

Julie Ann with Fibre 

Kiwi in Timbertown with Flag 

Lesley with Flight 

Puccarina with Fertile 

Congratulations to all of you. 

If your name appears above and you would like a Wall of Famer's logo to display on your blog, please get in touch and I will email it to you. 

See you soon, 


  1. well done to all the winners.

  2. Congratulations ladies, well deserved.

    Sylv xx

  3. Oooh lovely pages again, and again some I haven't caught up with yet. All fabulous well done all.

  4. Congratulations to everyone


  5. Well done, Valerie's is particularly lovely.

  6. Congrats to everyone and how lucky am I? :)
    Val x

  7. Congratulations to all of the fabulous winners! xx

  8. Thank you for your kind words.I am tickled pink to be one of the Wall of Famers and the other hoot is my sister is one too.I have just walked around with a silly grin on my face all day.Well done to the other winners and again everyone's work is fantastic and very inspiring.

  9. Congratulations Valerie! And I am delighted to be one of the 5 chosen for the Wall of Fame! Thank you! xx

  10. Thank you so much i am so excited to be on the wall of fame among so talented ladies :)


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