Friday, 19 July 2013

Inspired by a painting... Izzy

My turn today for the Inspired By post. I must admit Neil's suggestion for this week's theme was an instant hit for me.  
There are many artists I like, but one I absolutely love is William Turner... the "king of light" as my mum would say. 
So it's no surprise that I chose 3 of these paintings as my inspiration today to make 3 (very humble) postcards. 

Postcards... remember those? Unfortunately with texting and FB these days, when people go on holiday, we get more of a "we got here ok" via text message rather than the "old fashioned" postcard. And it's a shame I think... People don't "write" anymore 
Sooooo, with this in mind, even if I'm not going on holiday this year, I wanted to make a few "postcards".

The new Crafty Individuals Silk Cards are perfect for those. Have you tried them? If you have not, you are missing out!! My top favourite to stamp on now.. Can't stop using them!

All three cards are Clean and Simple and made the same, very easy way: stippling and stamping. 
I used Distress inks and Crafty Individuals stamps on all of them.

The first one was inspired by "Fishermen at Sea"

I used
Crafty Individuals stamps: CI-284 and CI-256

 The second inspired by "Fort Vimieux" 

I used
Crafty Individuals stamps: CI-272

The third by "Moonlight" 

I used
Crafty Individuals stamps: CI-294 and CI-256

On the three cards, I used:

See you tomorrow


  1. These are beautiful, I especially love the first one, that image is gorgeous!!

  2. They are beautiful and far from humble

  3. I love these so much...they're all wonderful! I'm a huge Turner fan too! xxx

  4. You have transferred Turners work beautifully to your projects Izzy, they are wonderful! x

  5. Une merveilleuse inspiration, et une fabuleuse transcription... Whaaaah bravo Izzy !!! Bises


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