Monday, 29 July 2013

Opposites week - Gay

Hi everyone 

Once again we are going to approach something that we have never done on this blog: Opposites. 
Each team member has chosen two "opposites" and interpreted it with gorgeous samples as they always do.
Needless to say that you are going to see a lot of different artwork this week. 

Starting with our guest designer Gay who chose to work with "Shiny and Matte" and made those three beautiful frames for you. 

Please take the time to let her know what you think.

 I love box frames and here my frames are shiny on the outside and matte on the inside with gilded silhouettes.

I started with tacky glue and drew shapes on the frames, leaving that to dry overnight.  

 Painting over the whole frames with Acrylic paints in many colours to give depth.

 After the paint had dried I added Treasure Gold in 3 colours with a paintbrush, I polished it with a clean rag ( old sock ) when it was dry and it's amazingly metallic and shiny. All the way through the whole process I was adjusting the colours and trying different tones to see which I liked, finally I settled on a slightly blue bias. The inside background was painted with Phthalo Green-blue and black a truly dark but interesting (I hope ) background for the die cuts.

 The silhouettes are die cut from black card and gilded, they were mounted on foam pads to add dimension.

Gay used
Treasure Gold: Onyxite, White Fire and Aquamarine.
Tim Holtz Alterations Die, Movers and Shapers Mini Silhouettes

See you tomorrow


  1. Love the frames and silhouettes. Beautiful art.

  2. Oh wow, they are wonderful. I must have a go at these. Thanks for the inspiration.

  3. Very creative ! Didn't know tacky glue could be used in this way, one to remember...

  4. Every time I buy tacky glue it refuses to come through the nozzle easily, but I am going to try again for this! Love these frames.

  5. A great technique must give it a try. Thanks for sharing.

  6. Wowzer these are brilliant and such a simple idea, but stunning results!

  7. Love the ideas you have used, the whole thing is very well put together and I'd be happy to have them hanging on my wall anytime :)

  8. How clever it is to have used tacky glue like that !! And the final result is absolutely awesome. Thanks for the inspiration !! x

  9. It's amazing what you can do with simple things, like glue. What a great effect these frames have. Thanks for the inspiration.


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