Thursday, 18 July 2013

Inspired by a painting... Neil

Another very different approach today with Neil and this Art Journal page inspired by a Piet Mondrian painting. Although Neil chose to make an AJ page, this could be used for anything really: tag, card, scrapbook page, shadow box... A lot of potential here.

Composition II in red, blue and yellow by Piet Mondrian

 And this is what I did; a page in my journal

 To begin I marked out the design in pencil in my journal and chose my colours

What I wanted to do was create a place to write on the page without it being visible so I cut a square of white card the same size as the square on the left, second down from the top and, using Tim's Tissue Tape I hinged it on the right hand side. I then opened it and attached more tape inside. This gives a strong hinge without adding bulk.
I needed to do this before painting to cover the tape so you couldn't see it. I then painted the page

 Once it was dry I added the lines with a black marker which neatens everything up nicely and defines the blocks.
So, remember the first photo? This one.....

 Can you see the flap?
So, that's my page, inspired by Piet Mondrian. I think this would make a great tag background too. Hope you like it. Sometimes, keeping it simple is good!

Decoart Americana paints: Warm White, True Red, Cadmium and Deep Midnight Blue.

See you tomorrow


  1. Do like it even though I thought I might not. prefer the idea the way you have used it, to it being a painting.

  2. Cool! Love the hidden journaling! Very clever of you, Neil.


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