Saturday, 21 March 2015

Brusho Week - Dawn Heald

Hi everyone,

Well what an exciting week I've had....
the new Sizzix order arrived at the shop and I came home with
my new Big Shot Plus!!  Bigger than the normal Big Shot,
it takes up to A4 size.  Just need time to get it out of the box!!
Can't wait to have a play!
Please call the shop if you are interested as they are not 
showing on the website yet! 

Anyway, today is our last day of the fabulous Brusho.
Dawn has a fantastic tutorial for you.

Dawn says -

"I decided to really experiment with Brusho's and show their versatility. 

 The only thing I didn't get on to are resist techniques.

They mixed with everything I tried and stayed put, as long as the
 colour crystals are fixed with thickener, water, mediums, they stay.

         To make a sprinkler, I've shown below how to put some paper over,
             tape round with masking tape and poke a few holes in the top.
             The lids do fit back on without having to remove your sprinkler
                                                    each time.

First off i made a colour swatch of all the pots, Mixed with water
 and then Brusho Thickener. As you only need small amounts of colour
 crystals I used a straw that I cut into a V scoop shape at the end to
 take colour out of the pot.

Brusho Thickener tip, if you are having trouble getting it to dissolve
 in the water heat in microwave for ten seconds. It works. I made up 
a smaller batch using 150ml water to 5 grams of thickener 

Here's an art journal page I made using various ways to apply Brushos.

I really do recommend these pots of wonderful colour".

Well I hope you found this really interesting.
Thank you Dawn for all your hard work!
I think you will find these Brusho's are amazing!

So this is what Dawn used -

For the Art Journal page Dawn used -

So just a little of what you can do with Brusho's.
I hope you have been inspired to have a go with them.
You will not be disappointed!

Tomorrow is Weekly Challenge Day....
what shall it be I wonder....

Jane x


  1. Oh Dawn... you are my hero today! Thank you so much for sharing your experiments and advice. You have tried so much here including things I would never have thought of (Brushos and clear EP, double sided tape...). I made myself sprinklers too but used cling film and rubber bands instead of paper so I could easily take it off and dip in the pot directly.
    There is also another medium from the makers of Brushos called Aquawax and it would be lovely if the Craft Barn could stock it... It is used to create texture that resist the colours.
    Jane whatever the theme of tomorrow challenge I hope I can use my Brushos on it!

    1. Thanks for the info and glad you liked my experiments, I could have gone on another dozen ways, one idea leads to another. x

  2. Fantastic techniques a fab reference guide
    Love your finished pages too

    Jools x

  3. Uuhhh, maybe brushos?? No, Jane will surprise us I am sure. Did get an order in for some of these and they are going to my mum in the UK. Luckily next week so am I so maybe there will be some desert island crafting after all!!! Thanks for the tips. Hugz

    1. Yes your brushos went out yesterday when i was working in the shop!! Hope you have fun with them soon!
      Jane x

  4. Fab post - I love my Brushos, but methinks I should be getting some of that thickener!! Doing the Brusho class at CB tomorrow too! Oooh - what will the next challenge be - I have no idea :D

    1. Have fun and get the thickner. I did a large flower mold and poured thickner and colour in and it worked. took a few days to dry out you get a thin light embellishment. cool stuff

  5. A great and very informative post! Loads of great things to try out with my brushos now - so far have only ever used them with water so thanks for the inspiration :)

  6. Thanks so much for sharing these great experimentations with us Dawn, this is very interesting indeed and great to see!!! Gorgeous page with Brushos. Coco x


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