Sunday 15 March 2015

Weekly Challenge

Hi everyone,

Welcome to a new week on the blog!

'Happy Mothers Day' to all you mums out there and also
a day for quiet reflection for those of us like me who
sadly, no longer have our mums anymore.
Whatever you are doing, I hope you enjoy your day!

So, today is challenge day, what are we going
to have this week??

Well, I'm sure you have guessed it is usually something to
do with the previous weeks last week 
was random week and we had three different
projects for you.  

This weeks challenge is going to be......
......something flowery!

The has to have a handmade flower or
flowers!  They can be die cut, punched, hand cut,
 whatever you fancy but they must be handmade.
Your project can be a card, scrapbook page, canvas
you can choose!

Hope you like this one better than last weeks....
getting the impression that you weren't too happy 
with my choice of deco mache!  I think as I write
this that there is so far only one entry.  Linda I am
trying to get your picture and add it to the blog as it is not 
showing properly.

Ok, you will have one week, entries close at midnight
on Sunday 22nd March.
As many entries as you like and via the link below.

So let's see what magic you can create!

See you on Tuesday when I shall announce the winner 
of last weeks challenge.

Jane x


  1. Working on something for a under the wire entry to last week. Hugz

  2. It is just time. Work really gets in the way.

  3. really is a pain, think it should be banned!!!!
    Jane x

  4. I did have a go covering a tin but I didn't think it was good enough to show

  5. I finally got round to entering one of your weekly challenges! :) xx

  6. Well done Lesley and it is beautiful! Thank you.
    Jane x


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