Sunday 22 March 2015

Weekly Challenge


Here we are again, can't believe how quick another week has gone!

Well you know what today is.....
the beginning of a new weekly challenge.

By now you must have guessed that we like to set a challenge
that has something to do with the weeks projects
and this last week has been all about Brusho.
Now I know in an ideal world you probably would all like
 to have Brusho's but hey, this isn't an ideal world and you won't
all be that lucky!

So, this weeks challenge is going to be about
creating an interesting background with either Inks,
Brusho's or Paints.
That gives you a bit of room to play!

Is that ok?

Can't wait to see you come up with this week.

You know the rules by now,
as many entries as you like, and entry by the link below.
You have one week to participate and entries will close at
 midnight on March 29th.

The winner will be announced on 31st March.

Good luck everyone!

Thank you to all those who made beautiful flowers 
for last weeks challenge!

I'll be back Tuesday to announce the winner.

Jane x


  1. Thx for expanding beyond the brushos, I thought i wasn't going to be able to play this week, because they are still on my wish list.

    1. I didn't think everyone would be lucky enough to have Brusho's so it wouldn't have been fair to just use them in the challenge. We want everyone to be able to participate!!
      Jane x

  2. Yeah, I got brusho's. Me and my brusho's are together in the UK. Unfortunately my stash is in Norway so despite having them I might not be able to share this week. Bizarre. Must see if desert island crafting is a posibility. Hugz


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