Sunday, 26 April 2015

Weekly Challenge

Good morning all,

Hope you are enjoying your weekend!

Do you realise it is nearly the first of the two Bank 
Holidays we shall be enjoying in May! Does that mean
summer is coming?  I know we have had some lovely days so far
but isn't it nice to know that hopefully the days will get even 
warmer and we will have lots more sunshine, no rain and....
........a hosepipe ban! Haha!!
For those of you not living in the UK, do you get your water 
rationed too when it doesn't rain enough?  

Oh well, let's get on with what we are supposed to be doing....

This week's challenge....did I catch you out a bit last 
week by not doing the to keep you on your toes!
So, this week let's be predictable and say

Night and Day

The same project twice but one coloured for daytime, 
the other, for night time!
Keep it as simple as you like.

So as many entries as you like, as usual by the link which will 
close at midnight May 3rd.  The winner will be
 announced on May 5th and the prize is
a £10 Voucher.

I'll be back Tuesday with the winner
of last weeks Challenge.

Jane x


  1. this challenge is not easy to make

    1. Ha, a real challenge for you!!!! Keep it simple.
      Jane x

  2. And I was just thinking that this challenge has my brain churning with ideas I'd like to try! We'll see how many I have time for :) and in Finland I've never heard of water being rationed even in the summer...totally the opposite, I've heard the water companies wish we would use more water (they get the money of course), it would be better for their water pipes to have it running more... And to think that we flush our loos (and water the garden) with some of europes best drinking water!

    1. Perhaps you should send it to the UK Kristiina!! If we do not have enough rain during the winter/spring months then our rivers/reservoirs do not fill up and we are then told to conserve water and no watering the garden or cleaning cars with hosepipes!
      Jane x

  3. Sorry to tell you that your next post is not showing up properly

    1. Are you seeing it ok now Glennis?
      Jane x

  4. I enjoyed this one, I knew straight away I was going to use my favourite tree stamp for this! xx


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