Sunday 10 July 2016

Alpha/Dictionary Challenge 2016


Good morning to you all!!

Hope you are having a great weekend and
as it is Sunday, you know what that means...

Yes, it's Challenge Day, gosh these days 
come around so quickly!  i was starting to
post the next Two Weekly Challenge and then
I checked and realised that was last week and
we are back again to the Alpha/Dictionary
Challenge again!!  Good gracious!!

So, just checking my notes to see what the 
DT has picked as their next letter and it is.....


and their are no twists.....oh that is so boring
perhaps it should be under the sea with a cat this
time ha ha ha!!!!  I can hear you all groaning from
here!  No, there are definitely no twists!

What has Karen made for us this time 
I wonder....

Another amazing project, thank
you Karen!

The rules... oh my goodness, I am sure 
you know them by now!
You have two weeks to enter as many times as you like,
the link will close at midnight on Sunday
24th July.
If you can't use the link, send your pics to me at
and I will add them for you!
The winner will be picked by Random Generator
on Tuesday 26th July.  They will receive
a £10 gift voucher.
Remember, your project must be something 
beginning with the letter 'N' and must
include somewhere either the dictionary
definition of the word you have picked, or
a definition that you have made up yourself!

Good luck everyone and don't forget you still
have time to enter the last challenge
from 2 weeks ago!

See you soon,

Jane x


  1. Fab... I already have an to see the finals at Wimbledon..woop woop x

    1. What actually at Wimbledon??? How fantastic!
      Jane x

    2. Yes Jane we saw the mens' finals...I took lots of photos and used one for my N entry...N for "New " balls!! x

    3. What a great match for you to watch Jane :) x

  2. Gosh, where did that fortnight go?? The year is whizzing. HUgz

  3. cool! I like the twists, though. They make me really think and the pages come out more interesting.


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