Sunday 3 July 2016

Two Weekly Challenge

Morning All,

Happy Sunday everyone,
the sun is shining and all is well
with the world!

Anyway, it's Sunday and that means
one thing....
Challenge Day!

 So what is it to be this time, I was a bit 
mean last time making you think 
underwater but with a dog added somewhere
so I will make it easier for you!
There is still time to enter if you 
haven't got your pics in yet!!

What shall we have this time, well
as the last weeks posts have both
included butterflies and Neil is 
flying off to pastures new...I think I'm 
going to say....
not one butterfly but butterfliesssss
so there must be more than one, 
as many as you like!

That's not too hard is it?

The many entries as you like,
via the link where possible or if not to
and I will add your pics for you.
You have two weeks, the link will close
at midnight on Sunday 17th July.
The winner will be picked on Tuesday 
19th July and will receive a £10 Voucher.

Good luck everyone!

See you soon,

Jane x


  1. Hi Jane. Me thinks you missed an oppotunity to say dragonflies, but I heard the sigh of relief after the previous theme. Enjoying looking at the dog under the sea entries. A few brave souls tackling the challenge. Hugz

    1. Yup, we were not kind!! All your fault!!
      Jane x


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