Sunday 11 September 2016

Two Weekly Challenge

Hope you are all enjoying a relaxing weekend
.....maybe a lie in.......breakfast in bed......

No I didn't either!

Time for the new Two Weekly Challenge
and with the last two day's posts in mind
All Around The House
might be a good one!

There's so much that can be used just in the kitchen
like scourer pads, forks/spoons, tea/coffee, washing up liquid bubbles,
vegetables, string, .................. Not to mention
what can be found elsewhere in the house

The list could, indeed, be endless!

Have fun 

As ever, as many entries as you like via the link
where possible but if not, send your pics to me at 

and I will add them for you.

The link will close at midnight on Sunday, 25 September 
and the winner will be announced
the following Tuesday when 
Mr R Generator will make his choice
of who should receive the £10 voucher!

Good luck everyone and have fun

Mickie x


  1. I don't understand what you want, or is this an anything goes challenge in disguise?

    1. You can use anything you like really but if you could find something around the house i.e substitute tea/coffee for ink/paint, use a fork for mark making - thinking outside of the craft room sort of thing. Hope that helps

  2. I have used recycled cardstock and paper, hope that it's ok for the theme

  3. Yay, Managed to enter! Used clingfilm for my background. Found that around the house! xxx


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