Sunday 16 October 2016


Alpha/Dictionary Challenge

Hi there!  Happy Sunday everyone!

Of course it is Challenge Day and to 

be precise; it is the Alphabet Challenge

and today's letter is .............................


Here is our little bit of inspiration

provided by Karen Gist with her

printers tray

Of course you know the rules;

your entry must contain the

dictionary definition in it

somewhere, or a definition created

by yourself.  

You have two weeks for as many

entries as you like via the link.  If you

can't use the link; email your photos to me

and I will post them for you.

The link will close at midnight on

30 October and Mr R Generator will

choose the winner the following Tuesday.

Good luck everyone!

Mickie xx


  1. How quickly did that fortnight go!? This the the 19th letter now only 7 more left of this fun challenge....Time to get out my vintage dictionary again and put on my thinking cap....a lovely new letter in Karen's tray x

    1. You're just keeping us on our toes aren't you Jane? lol!! I've only got five more letters left..................Yikes! Does that mean it sonly ten weeks to the BIG DAY?........................! xxx


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