Sunday, 23 October 2016

Two Weekly Challenge

Two Weekly Challenge

Happy Sunday to you all!

Anyone doing anything exciting?

Woke to a beautiful red sky this morning
so I guess the weather will provide much
excitement today in that it means I shall
stay indoors and craft the day away

Time for the new two weekly challenge
and in the UK we are going to be
celebrating Bonfire Night 

There is even an old folk rhyme:

"Remember, remember, the 5th of November
Gunpowder, treason and plot....."

This refers to Guy Fawkes and his pals'
failed plot to blow up the Houses of Parliament

Back in the day this was probably the only reason
for letting off fireworks.  Nowadays we don't care
we let off fireworks on every occasion possible!!

Enough meandering down historical paths - time
for the challenge, which is


sparkling explosions of colour in the night sky......
................sort of thing.....

As ever, you have two weeks to enter as many times
as you like via the link.  If you can't use the link then
send your pictures to be and I will upload them for you

The link closes at midnight on 6th November and the
winner will be chosen by the Random Generator on the
following Tuesday

Good luck everyone

Mickie xx


  1. Someone has blown up the linky!!!! Hugz

  2. Not sure what happened there - probably user error! linky is operational

    1. Thanks. Thought the gunpowder plotters had been here. Hugz


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