Thursday, 24 August 2017



Hallo There!

I have a great project for
you today that will take
you back to when the 
Milkman, or Insurance Man
or whoever, called to collect
his money at the end of the

Helen Chilton has updated the
Magic Wallet and here she is
to reveal all ........

"For my magic wallet I've deliberately 
made one cover feminine and one cover masculine 
to show that they work for anybody. 

You can match your covers up to suit the occasion.

Cut two pieces of Bo Bunny Beautiful Dreamer 
text paper, 12cm x 9cm in size. 

Stamp the Woodware stamps over the top.

Colour them in with coloured pencils.

Add torn scraps of paper from the same 
collection top and bottom and put to one side.

For the inside covers cut two pieces of 
paper and stick to mount board.

Get out your ribbons, different colours for each side.

Fold and stick edges of green ribbon 
over left hand side, holding the cross 
together in the middle.

Lay right hand cover next to it on top 
of the green ribbon and stick the ends to
 the back of the right hand cover.

The back looks like this.

Fold over and stick ends of yellow ribbon
 to back of right hand side of right hand cover.

Tuck other ends under the left hand cover
 and stick to back of left hand cover..

The magic wallet mechanism is now complete.

 Note the ribbons do not touch each
 other's space - this is crucial for the 
mechanism to work.

Stick the main covers to the mount board
 and add embellishments.

Open wallet - the card is on the right.

Close back cover over the top.

Open wallet from right hand side again 
and the card will have switched sides,
 just like magic!"

Materials used:

Bo Bunny

That's a great way to present a
gift card Helen, thank you.

Of course you could always
use the new Woodware Christmas
stamps and make some seasonal
gift cards ahead of time.........

Leave you with that thought...

Till tomorrow

Mickie xx

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  1. I think I'll have to actually do one to understand how this works!!


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