Thursday 12 October 2017

For the Girls

For the Girls

Hallo Everyone!

Present time is looming ever closer
and we thought we'd inspire your
crafty instincts.  

Claire Jackson has used one of
the Art-C Display Boxes to get

"I started with the Art-C display kit box.

It comes in 8 pieces and the Perspex panes 
are covered in film to protect them.

I glued the two base, and two lid pieces together 
as per instructions, and gave them a coat 
of black gesso. 

I then decided that the top looked 
a little plain and added some Kaisercraft 
wooden embellishments before 
gessoing them too. 

It is really important that you don’t get paint
 in the slots for the panes or they won’t fit in.

 Next I gave the lid and edges of the base 
a coat of Imagination Crafts Rusty Patina 
in verdigris. This has a lovely gritty texture

I added a few more embellishments 
before using my fingers to dab on DecoArt
 worn penny and a little matte black paint.

While the paint was drying I started on the 
glass vials to go inside.

To get a deeper colour I first put a few drips 
of alcohol ink inside each vial and turned
 them around to coat the inside

Next I used a felt applicator to add the same
 colour to the outside. 

I then added a second colour to the outside
 of each vial to get a marbled effect.

 I then added drips of copper mixative.

 I lightly rubbed gold Alchemy Wax on the 
butterflies and added enamel accents.

 I added embellishments to the vials before
 assembling the box. 

The kit is so well designed that the pieces 
fit together very tightly without glue so 
if you wanted you could take the lid off 
at a later date. 

 With the reflection it was difficult to photograph. 

This project makes a pretty present 
in its own right but you could, 
if you wanted to, fill the vials with essential oils 
as an extra gift "

Thank you Claire.  Love what
you have done with the bottles
I can almost smell the essential
oils I imagine are in them.......

This particular display kit would 
also showcase a small treasure
or two..... you know the sort of
thing you have put away safely
in a drawer so you don't lose it
and then hardly ever see it....!

'Till tomorrow

Mickie xx


  1. COOL!! i love that display!

  2. Great project. Happy crafting, Angela xXx

  3. Fantastic project Claire!!!
    You have made a gorgeous treasure box from simple (but beautiful box!) wooden elements.
    Thank you for the tutorial, I love your little bright bottles!! Xx


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