Friday, 4 December 2015


Hi everyone,

Sorry not to have been here for last couple of 
days, I'm afraid it is Virgins fault.  There 
was apparently a problem, can't remember what
exactly which meant we lost our Broadband and some
TV.  It was not expected to return until next 
week......great!!  However they reckon it is fixed
but of course it probably is, everyone except us!
At the moment we have an engineer coming
Monday but we are getting a bit here and there
so I shall definitely get the Challenge 
sorted for Sunday.....even if I have to sit 
in a coffee shop all day and use their wifi......
......hmmm that's perhaps not a bad idea ha ha!!

So I will hopefully see you Sunday morning
fingers crossed!

Jane x


  1. Oh what a pain hope its sorted quickly for you xx

  2. These things are great when they work but when they don't... up the creek without a paddle springs to mind! Glad I have the old style TV signal...

  3. If you have to sit in a coffee shop to get wifi then I reckon you will need a mince pie to go with that coffee 😊

  4. Hmmmm, coffee and cake. Sounds like a great idea. Hugz


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