Sunday 15 May 2016

Alpha/Dictionary 2016 Challenge


Happy Sunday every one!
Goodness we are half way through the 
month already!  The days are getting longer
yay!  It's 8.00 in the evening as I'm writing 
this and still light, that must mean summer is 
not far away!  Ha ha are we actually
going to get one this year?  Does anyone

Well, Sunday means the start of a new
fortnight and it's time for the next letter
to add to our Alpha/Dictionary Challenge.

As you know I have been getting the 
DT members to mostly pick the letters
although I did sneak in last time!

This time the letter picked is.......


As usual, Karen is here with her addition
to her tray.....
and a beautiful addition it is too!

Just lovely!

Well I'm sure you know the rules by now,
as many entries as you like.  Entry via the
link where possible, if you can't use the link, 
email me your pics and I will add them.
You have two weeks and the link will close 
at midnight on Sunday 29th May.
The winner will be announced on Tuesday 
31st May and will be picked by 
Random Generator.  A £10 voucher
will be the prize.
Don't forget your project must be something
beginning with the letter A and must 
include either the dictionary definition
or one that you make up to suit the
chosen word.  There are no twists this

Apple, artichoke, angel, antler, aspidistra...
have I spelt that right?? Ha ha....
can't wait to see what you choose!

Ok, I'm off now,
see you Tuesday.

Jane x

Adding this for Rebecca W
will give it a number at the end!

25. Rebecca W


  1. A sounds perfect Jane thank goodness we are spared a twist (actually if I am honest it was the dragon fly twist which really gave a good tie in to my whole page last time!!) Off to thumb through my vintage dictionary.....................Have a great week xx

  2. I got this one.. easy peasy!

  3. A fabulous tray, looks gorgeous.


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