Friday 31 March 2017



Hallo there!

Another lovely day
and I hope, a happy one

Certainly Claire Jackson is
set to make us smile with her
beautiful project, so let's get

"Cut a piece of yupo 10cm x 10cm. 
Use a piece of masking paper or a post it
to create a mask for the moon. 

Using a felt applicator dab spots of aqua alcohol ink 
over the entire piece of paper. 

On a clean piece of felt pad put a few drops 
of blending solution and go over the aqua 
to create a mottled background.

Tear a piece of card to mask off the upper part 
of the square and create a hill line. 

Apply turquoise ink below the mask. 
Go over with blending solution. 

Move the mask down and add purple twilight 
around the bottom. 

Remove the moon mask and add a mixture of 
turquoise and purple alcohol ink around the 
edges of the square. 

Make sure a few dots overlap the moon
 to create the impression of depth.

 Stamp the rabbits in black Archival ink. 
(Touch up any pale bits with a black Sharpie.)

 Along the bottom, stamp the fairy buttercups
 in cobalt and deep purple. 

Stamp the mini leaves around the sides 
and top in cornflower blue and cobalt. 

Add a couple of drops of aqua ink to a baby wipe 
and gently dab onto the moon to create depth.

Add black stems with a fine permanent pen 
and white highlights with a gel pen. 

Add a very pale grey edge to the moon 
with an alcohol marker.

Stick the top layers of the printer tray together 
and paint the tray and stand in Fresco Finish eggplant. 

When dry, stamp the tray (not the stand) 
with small flowers in mermaid and sherbet. 

Wait for it to be completely dry and paint 
a thin layer of translucent blueberry over the top. 
The flowers will just show through. 
If it’s too thick just wipe it back with a baby wipe.

Rub on a thin layer of pink tulip Alchemy Wax, 
again using a baby wipe to take off any excess. 

It’s hard to see in the photos but it adds a delicate shimmer.

Run a clear embossing pad along the edges
 and emboss in silver embossing powder. 

Cut a piece of patterned paper to go on the back of the tray. 

Assemble all of the pieces together"

Materials used:

Alcohol ink: purple twilight, turquoise, aqua
Archival ink: jet black, cobalt, cornflower blue, deep purple
Alchemy wax: pink tulip

Thank you Claire for such a fun project
Another for my 'To Do' list.......

'Till tomorrow

Mickie xx


  1. Very pretty. I really love the effects from alcohol inks...a very underated product IMHO! xx

    1. Thank you. I'm very late to alcohol inks but love them. Very difficult to photograph on Yupo though as you get so much reflection with a flash.

  2. Hi Claire. Gorgeous, love it too bits. Happy crafty weekend, Angela xXx

  3. Fabulous little spring scene and printer tray Claire..!!! Sorry, I'm really out of time at the moment to see and comment just in time. Thank you for the beautiful inspiration with the Lavinia stamps that we all love I think! :) xx

  4. This is absolutely divine - so pretty! xxx


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