Friday, 7 April 2017

Fanciful Plantation

Fanciful Plantation

Hi Everyone!

What is that phrase? ......
Another day another doleur
(no its not dollar as we all believe)

anyway, no doleur here today
grab yourself a comfy seat and
maybe a cuppa too ...........and
relax.............Claire Jackson is
with us today and she's brought
with her a super project:

"Sprinkle the jade Infusions onto a 
sheet of white tissue paper and spritz lightly 
with water. Don’t over spritz it as the colour
 will run and you are aiming for the 
lovely speckled effect. 

Leave to dry or you can speed it up with a heat tool. 

Repeat for the other Infusions colours

Stamp the flowers, birds and bird house images 
in black permanent ink onto white tissue paper 
and heat set to ensure that they don’t 
smudge later on.

Paint the back of the stamped images 
with white chalk finish paint and leave to dry

When the paint is dry colour the front 
of the images with soft pencils

Cut or tear around the images.
To get a soft edge which will blend in 
invisibly you can draw a line around the image 
with a paintbrush and water and
 gently tear the paper.

Make sure the vase is clean and grease free. 
You can pick something up in a charity shop
or this one was very cheap from a supermarket.

Tear the coloured tissue paper into strips 
of varying lengths. 

The next stage gets very sticky so it’s best 
to have all of the paper prepared at the start.

Using your fingers smear collage medium 
onto a small area of the vase. 

Place a strip of tissue paper on top and
 smear collage medium over it, gently massaging it
 into the paper so that the tissue becomes translucent 
and the colour remains visible.

Work around the top of the vase placing strips 
of black knight and violet storms. 

Vary the length that they extend downwards.

Working from the bottom up add strips of emerald 
and a bit jaded so that they interlace with the strips 
coming down.

 Make sure there is plenty of medium to 
soak in and turn the tissue translucent.

In the same manner, using the collage medium, 
place the images around the vase, 
posing the quirky birds in and around the bird houses.

Add white dots with the enamel accents and 
touch up the bird’s eyes with a white paint pen.

 Leave it to dry thoroughly so that the collage
 medium seals in the tissue paper.

 Use it as a decorative vase by day or
 a candle holder by night!"

Beautiful project Claire, thank you.

Love how this technique breathes new
life into a piece of glassware that has
outworn its original purpose

'Till tomorrow

Mickie xx


  1. Love the transformation of this vase Claire. I like the effect of painting the backs of the stamped figures before colouring the fronts with pencil, fab X

  2. Brilliant project, love it. Angela xXx


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