Friday, 21 April 2017



Hallo Everyone!

We have Craftyfield with us
today.  So sit back and relax
as she takes us step by step
through the making of this
very lovely greeting card:

 "Everything I heard about the New 
Distress Oxides inks had me excited. 

Would they live up to my expectations? 

Wonder no more the results are in...

My first test of the inks was with a black tag. 

Since Distress Oxides are opaque I wanted
 to know HOW opaque they really are.

 Although the tag above could be worked 
on for an Aurora Borealis night sky, the inks 
I chose weren't light enough to get me the 
intended results. 

(Note to self: get lighter colours next time!). 
Change of plan then...

On cream card the colours show beautifully. 
I did a test with water sprayed through a stencil, 
and the result, whilst delicate 
(I didn't apply enough ink for a dramatic effect), 
is beautiful.

 I stamped the flower with Distress Oxide to 
see how defined the stamping would be. 

Yes the ink stamps perfectly, like a 
pigment ink with an added bonus...

 I'm showing the IO stamp after stamping 
with the Distress Oxide. 

See how much ink is left on the stamp? 
Good thing to know, they give a very 
good 2nd generation stamping. 

Also note how detailed the original impression is. 

In the final piece the image is blurry but that is intentional!

 I sprayed some water on the stamp (without re-inking)
 to see how the ink would behave, as they are water reactive. 

I loved the results, really good for a faded background 
stamping and fairly defined in comparison to stamping
 with the Original Distress Inks and water.

Remember water reactive... 

I HAD to test this on paper too and sprayed 
my beautiful background! 

The water first blurred all the stamping and
 spread some of the blue all over the card. 
Another fabulous effect for a background paper.

I still need to do more testing, with more colours, 
but so far I am really happy with those inks 
which are rather versatile compared to either 
dye or pigment inks."


Distress Oxides (Fossilized Amber and Faded Jeans) 
Carabelle Studio Stencil 
Impression Obession CAC 
Honey doo Lilies stamp 
Paper Artsy ELB33
From my stash, black lace, flower and brad.

Thank you Craftyfield, such a 
luxurious card.  
Wonder what it would look like in a frame?

Don't you agree Everyone?  Sometimes
you get a card that you want to keep
on display....................
Please tell me I'm not the only one.........!!

'Till tomorrow

Mickie xx


  1. Gorgeous card and a very interesting tutorial too. I think we've only touched on what the oxide inks are capable of and I look forward to more fun with them in the future. Happy crafting, Angela xXx

  2. Fab card, very interesting the amount of ink left on the stamp after making the first impression ---- we will all be learning about these little beauties for some time to come I feel. X

  3. A great card, very beautiful!! And thanks for the step-by-step Christine, I've just bought my first Oxyde ink (only one!) and all you said is very interesting. X


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