Friday, 10 February 2012

Modelling week: all wrapped up Modroc

Here's another fantastic project for you to try over the weekend. 
I must admit... I LOVE all the projects the DT makes, week after week... (I am very lucky to work with such a lovely and talented team) but when I saw what Michelle had done here, I went "Wow!! how on earth did she think of that?" So unusual, effective and really pretty... 
Would love to read your thoughts on this one. Don't forget to let us know in a comment or "review tick" below. 

I found this card holder at the local charitiy shop and while it's quite a nice chunk of stone, it's missing a little embellishment!

After soaking Mod Roc in water for a few seconds, I folded and wrapped and tickled it into place around the base of the card holder then left it to set with bits of things propping the floppy ends in place.

When it was set I painted it, sprayed it, and prettied it up with a bit of rafia and a stamped inchie.

Quite pleased for a first attempt with a new product - well worth a try!
Products used:

See  you tomorrow


  1. That's really pretty. What a great, simple idea to just use the modroc to wrap things. I really like what you've done to embellish your charity shop find.

  2. It makes me want to have a go with Modroc, a great idea.

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  4. Love this idea and asked where you'd got the card holder from but re-read post and noticed it was a local charity shop. Shame as I love to make one too.

    1. Hi BJ

      You could create something similar using our long grips and wire with one of the square wooden boxes. Simply drill holes in the box lid, cut the grips to the length you want and insert in the lid. You might want to weight the box inside with something heavy marbles of glass beads are good and then you can wrap the whole thing like Michelle has. Hugs


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