Tuesday, 7 February 2012

Modelling week: Venetian mask and mini canvases

We are back for our second day and the new promised medium. Well not new as "never existed before" but new to this blog and fairly new to our site: MODROC.
Modroc is nothing more than plaster impregnated bandages but it's ideal for modelling.
So here's our first sample and step by step on how to use Modroc
February... Carnival... Venice... Gio.... you get it.. you are in for a treat with gorgeous masks. 
Can't wait to read what you think.. 

I had at home a Venetian mask, and I was looking for a method to create at least another one for the upcoming Carnival. So I used my mask as a mould to create two more. 

I covered the original mask with plastic wrap. I cut two pieces of modroc long enough to cover the mask. (If the object you want to cover is bigger than your piece of modroc, you have to cut it in strips and overlap them). I cut two holes for the eyes. Now you have to work very quickly, because the plaster stiffens in few minutes: I put the piece of modroc in a bowl filled with warm water. I keep it for few seconds, I gently rinse off the water and I  lay it on the mask. I smoothen the plaster to avoid wrinkles. I put almost immediately a second piece of wet plaster: I tried to eliminate the wrinkles and at the same time to smoothen the surface with the wet fingers: you can see the water and the plaster mixing together and filling the little gaps. Once finished, I set the mask aside  to dry. 
If you are impatient (like me), put your piece in the warm oven, after a little while turn off the oven and leave the piece inside.

You have to wait until the next day to decorate the mask. When dry, I cut the excess of plaster with scissors and very gently I free the original mask, ready to make another one.
I painted the first mask with Viva Precious Metal paint and I stamped some swirl using Paperartsy Hot Picks 1006 and Plum Archival Ink. I painted the second mask with PaperArtsy Fresco paint Orchid and Snowflake and I stamped it with PaperArtsy Fresco paint Orchid using a swirl stamp from Paperartsy Hot Picks 1006 plate.

I sprayed a piece of vintage lace on my desk with Cosmic Shimmerz Lava Red, Mango Blush and Teal Wash. When dry I covered half of the mask with the lace, I glued to it and then I cut it with scissors.
I added some rhinestones to the masks.

With the same technique I created 3 mini canvas from scratch, using the cover of a tin box as a mould. 

Since the surface was plain, I stamped it when the plaster was still wet using Katzelkraft Chandelier and Cage or a background stamp like Swirls from Impression Obsession. 
When dry, I painted the canvas using Cosmic Shimmer mists using a paintbrush, to give a shimmery look, and I stamped a text with CI-017 Script stamp and Plum Archival Ink. I glued some pieces of lace.

CI-017 Script stamp
Katzelkraft Chandelier and Cage
Paperartsy Hot Picks 1006
Paperartsy Fresco paint Orchid and Snowflake
Cosmic Shimmer Misters: angel mist, golden mint, lava red , Mango Blush, Teal Wash, Rose Pink

How about this for a first lesson about Modroc?
Did you enjoy this? 
Let us know in a comment or rating below... 

See you tomorrow


  1. This is so inventive! I love the use of all the different techniques AND you can see how it's done - perfect learning tool. Thank you.

  2. I have never used modroc but seeing it over your Venetian mask, it looks amazing.

  3. Wow! Wow! Wow! Inspirational work once again Gio.

  4. Modroc remindsa me and im sure it's exactly the same as i used in A & E for plastering fractures some years ago!Very inventive then and now with some fab creations!

  5. The last time I had modroc it was on my arm haha!!! I have seen Di Oliver use this and do amazing stuff with it. I love the idea of mini canvases x

  6. Very cool!!! The mask are gorgeous! Love, love the mini canvases!!! Tfs!

  7. Owww I have some mod rock lurking in a draw somewhere what fantastic inspiration !
    Von x♥x


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