Tuesday, 19 March 2013

Mini album week - Gio

Hi everyone,
We have a video for you today. And in advance, we do apologize for the sound. Gio had some trouble and tried to fix it but could not. Still, you will understand what she does for sure, even if it's in Italian (I love love listening to her videos LOL), and I am very grateful that she took the time to make it. 
Let us / her know what you think in a comment below. 

Confession.... When I heard about the Gelli plate, I thought ... "nahhhh, won't bother, it's ok, but nahhh". 
Then I saw Gio's video and I started to think that, afterall, it might be a cool thing to have... I might "need" it... so it went in my wishlist... 
Then I saw Andy's videos and bought the Gelli plate. 
I have had time to play with it and now LOVE it. I actually have three classes planned using this and my 9 year old daughter is hooked too!! It's very easy to use and so much fun!! 
This is *really* something to have (says that one who is very selective with what she buys)

I'll let you watch the video, and then enjoy Gio's album

PS: The biggest Gelli plate is out of stock at the moment, but should be back in stock in April. 

 To make the mini-album I cut to size the Gelli printed cardstocks, then I cut some pieces from an acetate sheet. 
I adhered the chosen pictures to the acetate. 
I gessoed some pieces of book pages, then I sprayed them using some Dylusion inks and Crafty Individuals mask: Magic roundabout. 
I cut to size and I covered the back of the pictures. 
I added some beads, fabric leftovers, and metallic charms to a large safety pin. 
I made a hole on the left corners of every piece of cardstock and acetate, then I linked them together with the safety pin.

The Crafters Workshop templates - Circle explosion; Chickenwire reversed; Harlequin; Mixed-up alpha
Artcoe masking fluid: blue mask (OFS)
Claudine Hellmuth gesso
Crafty Individuals mask: Magic roundabout
white cardstock

See you tomorrow


  1. Fabulous! I like the tip of putting the paint on a palette first, instead of directly onto the gelli plate. I always use far too much paint, so will try this. Thank you :-)

  2. The Gelli plates look so much fun to play with !

  3. Mmmmmm think I "need" one looks great fun!! The mini album is gorgeous.


  4. great tutorial. Beautiful results.

  5. How did you do the beautiful figures? Are they stencils?


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